2nd season of colour rush

Choi Yeon Woo is a high school student and a “mono” – a person who sees the world only in a dull and lifeless black and white. But for every mono, there is a “probe” – a kind of soulmate who allows the mono to see the world in vivid color. Yeon Woo’s probe was a boy named Yoo Han, and the two developed a beautiful friendship that blossomed into romance. But as their relationship intensified, mysterious goings-on suddenly got very unpleasant for Yeon Woo, who eventually found that Yoo Han had disappeared, with his mother also vanishing.

Yeon Woo vows to do whatever it takes to track down his “probe” and his mother. A classmate named Se Hyun learns of Yeon Woo’s quest and resolves to help and protect him – as a close friendship develops between the two students. But Se Hyun hides a secret, and Yeon Woo could be about to discover the truth… Meanwhile, Yeon Woo is not alone – other monos are nearer than he might think, including a female mono who is looking for her own probe. And a TV producer is also on the scene, hoping to get to the bottom of the mono-probe mystery!
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Recommended by thatonewhothrives
I would say it’s the same color blindness just that Color Rush is more like… ‘fantasy’ type of drama. The system about how someone could see a color thanks to a certain person is same tho so I think this drama could be your next one after watching GO Into Your Heart. The greed to… like ‘possess’ that person is very implicitly shown but I could sense the similar vibes there as well… Most of all… both are ‘romance.
Recommended by flower__kha
First Season of Color Rush 2.
The cast is a bit different but you should watch it for context.
The main couple is different but we get to know the world setting.
Recommended by LostHope
both are korean BL dramas.
both are adapted from web series.
both are around same length in time.
Recommended by bunny_kook
They are from the same company. Basically the same minutes and episodes, and both sinopsis are amazing!
Recommended by anaa
Color Rush & WYEL are both short Korean drama series (8 Episodes) focused on boy love.
Around 10 minutes each!

In terms of personalities they both have one that is more carefree and outspoken individuals while their counterpart is more quiet and reserved! (Doesnt speak their mind as often) Both couples express a sense of yearning for one another throughout the series!
Recommended by muimui94
I wouldn’t say it’s the same plot or something about its story just that u might need another beautiful drama that brings up the ‘color’ topic and the tone of it that so pleasant in eyes… lovely for both
Recommended by flower__kha
Even if not very similar regarding the main topic, the building friendship between two young guys turning into feelings of deepest nature...is very much the same...discovering oneself better by being together with your most cherished one...
Recommended by Namida Blue
It's another short Korean Boys Love series with a young, attractive couple that have to face their own unique hardship.
Recommended by TianQi
Both are korean webdramas about soulmates.

Color Rush is colorblind soulmate AU (=one of the main leads is colorblind until he meets his significant other)

Dear My Name is soulmate-identifying marks AU (=everyone has a name of their soulmate written on their body).

Color Rush is a BL drama. Dear My Name is a hetero drama with female lead being quite tomboyish.
Recommended by Salty_bae
It's basically the movie of the Wish You show - but like in a movie form with a few extra scenes :)- . I recommend the movie over the show itself.

ajsdhudhodoiewjo (needed to add more characters)
Recommended by Nima
Both series have protagonists with a specific form of supernatural disease where only a small number of people around the world suffer from this rare disease. Both series also contain the idea that only their soulmate can help them in this disease.
Recommended by Xandra
- high school setting
- the ml of both are "loners". In color rush, the ml is starting at a new school and he's different from everybody else/ isn't really interested in friends.
- are both shorter episodes/ miniseries
- the ml and second ml both kinda rely/ need each other
- They are fluffier or leave you happy but also both deal with very series topics and can get deep.
- both bl
- lots of flirty swoonworthy moments
- just give me very similar feelings
Recommended by Kumori
- useless ,, irrelevant death of parents
- fruity
- pretty weak character
- weak acting too

but color rush isnt and isnt even close to the death game genre lmao
Recommended by inactive
Both shows are bl and have a male lead who's colour blind, they see the world in various shades of black, white and grey.
Recommended by Ruth
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