Energedic Company, the production house behind the widely popular “Where Your Eyes Linger,” is behind this new gourmet romance.
Jeon Jae Yeong will reprise his character role of Kim Pil Hyun from “Where Your Eyes Linger.”

Recommended by Skyesinger
both are korean BL dramas.
both are adapted from web series.
both are around same length in time.
Recommended by bunny_kook
From starting to reaching out to the stars to once again standing at the beginning. A story that is simple yet complex. It draws you in and leave to stunned. The best example of how you can show a whole story in 9 episodes 15 min or even less. The pace is perfect we get to see Han Ji Woo lowering his walls to let in Kang Seo Joon. To Ji Woo's walls being back up in season 2.
A must watch that shows Korean BL one day will give other countries a run for their money.
Recommended by Aroma66
The dynamic is sort of similar, one reluctant and the other ready to approach. Another similarity is proximity in living, while they share a house in To My Star, here they turn out to be neighbours. Lastly, both couples have ELECTRIC chemistry and manage to make you feel a lot even if the episode length and number is short.
Recommended by TC1111
To My Star 2 is, as the title already suggests, the continuation to To My Star. It's only logical for it to be put into the "Recommendations" tab.
Recommended by mel
1. BL
2. Short
3. Main Lead's chemistry was *chef's kiss*
4. Happy Ending
5. Overall cute and adorable

To My Star and You Make Me Dance have a different main plot but the BASIC plotline are very similar. Both are dramas that I enjoyed!!
Recommended by panipuri
Kang Seo Joon is an actor running away from his problems, when by coincidence he becomes Han Ji Woo's problem. Ji Woo is a cook in a small restaurant and he just wants to be left alone...
Recommended by Angrienka
Both are adult BL dramas. No one is in high school or college. Both have great chemistry between the leads.
Recommended by T0P
Both are BLs that involve a famous/celebrity lead moving in with a common lead; romances follow an enemies-to-lovers storyline.
Recommended by Jessica
Both are korean bl dramas that deal with both relationship and mental health issues from one of the leads.
Recommended by ana
It's the not-really-friends-but-we-tolerate-each-other to lovers trope! Haebom already likes Taesung and Jiwoo also admired the actor Seojoon and their relationship progresses from there.
Recommended by juldiith
Both are short 2021 korean dramas about a romance between two guys. (At least) one main character is a chef and the leads dont seem to get along at first but soon a romance starts to blossom. They can be watched on viki.
Recommended by Sleepy Strawberry
It’s about two people with different personalities. One is a singer and the other is a baker. Eventually these two men fall in love with each other
Recommended by Taeminslyric
Both are korean BL dramas and are both web series. They are also around the same length in terms of episodes.
Recommended by hellkitty
Both are korean BL dramas and are both web series. They are also around the same length in terms of episodes.
Recommended by hellkitty
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