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Two Weeks Episode 11

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  • Aired: September 11, 2013

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Sep 17, 2013

Cool plan

For the first time, the police and the prosecutor office managed to do something right; I mean ever since the drama started, they were only failing to do their duties over and over that it felt boring.

I wonder if they will really catch teacher Kim or that he would get away by a magic trick from Moon Il Seok because the sniper that he used to shoot Tae San flew away and there’s no clear evidence that he was the one who did it. Let’s see how will things proceed from now on.
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Sep 12, 2013

I'm impressed Jang Tae San! You go, dude!

So they got the digital camera snatched away by that Kim dude. However Tae San has some other evidence on him which may help in catching Moon Il Seok. He meets with the Prosecutor and hands over the evidence to her and tells her about the strategy to catch Teacher Kim.

Park Jae Gyeong found the mole in the police and voluntarily leaks information to that person so he can leak it to Moon Il Seol.

They gather at the place where Tae San is supposed to confess to catch the Kim dude~

I'm really loving it how this is going forth so far. I love Tae San's strategy. Waiting for the next episode!
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