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Two Weeks Episode 12

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  • Aired: September 12, 2013

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Apr 19, 2014


Wow, just when I thought go Jung Tae to prove your innocence then BOOM! What is that??? How can he be at the house when he was arrested???
And that's what I call a quality drama!
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Sep 19, 2013

Bad luck

I was happy that Tae San got so smart these couple of episodes and that he’s using his brain quite often. I was also sure that he will get the digital camera back from Moon Il Seok but apparently he was released. I thought that Jae Gyeong won’t keep him in the investigation room for too long but I never thought that he will go out right when Tae San is in the house. I mean can the police or the prosecutor office do a right arrest where the suspect remains inside the investigation room for 48 hours? The procedures and the arresting are so freaking lame; they need to work on that side.
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Sep 13, 2013


Just when you think that the criminal got arrested you see the ending scene?! What's going on? Did he sent a double to get arrested? WTF?!

I was happy that Kim got arrested but then he was quickly released.

I'm loving Tae San's clever ways but what is he gonna do next?

I can't wait until Wednesday for more episodes! Looks like it's really gonna go down in the upcoming episodes!
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