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Two Weeks Episode 10

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  • Aired: September 05, 2013

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Sep 17, 2013

OMG Finally!

The digital camera is in Tae San’s hand, it’s about time! It’s been a long drama for the digital camera to fall in Tae San hands.

In Hye found out that Tae San didn’t abandon her and Soo Jin eight years ago; it was clear that she still have feelings for him and now that she knew the truth, all of her feelings will come back to her. Poor Seung Woo, he will try to prove Tae San innocence and then he will pushed aside. Jae Gyeong is also working on Tae San’s innocence but I am pretty sure it’s all for her investigation.
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Sep 6, 2013

Loving Tae San's cleverness!

I like how he outsmarted the prosecutors and took them off Seo In Hye and his tail.

I have mixed feelings as to whether I should feel happy or sad for him since he got the camera. I know at the back of my head that he's gonna get it taken away. Hope I am wrong.

Waiting for the next episode!
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Sep 6, 2013

Finally! Tighten your grip on it, Tae San!!!

With 6 days remaining, Tae San got the digital camera at last! I'm glad In Hye helped him and aside from that, she knows Tae San's situation in the past. Their past as a couple was really sweet.

I love the never-ending outsmarting scenes between the cops, the villain and Tae San,.haha. Tae San is learning now, he can get even and win with this last 2 episodes. :)
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