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Two Weeks Episode 15

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  • Aired: September 25, 2013

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Sep 29, 2013

Last challenge

Moon Il Seok is being driven into a corner since all the evidences point at him and Jang Tae San’s innocence is being proved. It’s the usual final evil raise to save his pride; because he has nowhere to go and he will be captured, he has to kill Tae San. What an idiot! I am sure Tae San or Jae Gyeong has already anticipated that and he won’t be able to accomplish his plan. Also, teacher Kim will change his actions once he meets his father.

Soo Jin’s surgery has to go well and the ending shouldn’t be messed up; that’s all what I am asking for.
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Sep 26, 2013


So much went down in this episode! I am totally impressed by Jang Tae San! He really knows how to get in other people's head. He is so badass right now!

Betrayal. Yeah, you do learn tricks of the bad person if you stay long enough with him! Good job, Hwang Dae Joon! To think you had such crucial evidence against Moon Il Seok! Bravo!

The ending...I don't think I should be worried or should I?

From the way it looked and the way the information was so easily leaked...I'm thinking it was totally intentional on their part. They wanted him to come to the hospital. They want to catch them both at the same time, I'm guessing?

Looking forward to tomorrow's episode in anticipation!!

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