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Two Weeks Episode 14

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  • Aired: September 19, 2013

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Sep 22, 2013

It's about time that the good guys get smart!

I like the deviation of the story lately; Tae San, Jae Gyeong and detective Im are getting smarter since they’re trying to set up the bad guys together. I can see the differences between Moon Il Seok and Congressman Jo but I am not sure if the latter is actually agreeing to help Tae San; I mean shouldn’t she sense that Jae Gyeong is behind him?

Anyway, I liked the part where Tae San met his daughter and the part where he was beating Moon Il Seok up. This drama is pretty good but I hope that the ending won’t ruin it.
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Sep 21, 2013

The best daddy-daughter combo of the year!!!!


Su jin is an intelligent child just like his father and both cute....

The scene between Su jin and Tae san Make my hearts melt...It makes me cry...Tae san really love his daughter the same as Su jin to him....
REALLy wish that Tae San and Su jin will receive an award......They are really freaking good actors....Extraordinary

I like also the scene between Tae San and IN hye...It is full of tenderness and emotion......

I’m happy to see the bad guys Moon Il Suk and Congressman Jo are going down....
They deseve it.....
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Sep 20, 2013

It was pretty intense!

I was on the edge of my seat to see what will happen to Soo Jin. I'm glad she figured out he was the bad guy and decided to run for it! So happy that Jang Tae San showed up just in time.

I'm looking forward to the last 2 episodes next week. Looks like they might just have their evidence gathered by then. But that police officer looking over Soo Jin bothers me. Looks like last two episode gonna be intense if it keeps going like this.

Tae San' faceoff with Jo Soo Hee at the end. I think that's quite interesting! I am just so curious how Jo Soo Hee and Moon Il Seok gonna meet their end! Can't wait!
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