Korean BL
Long length
Cute couple
Good looking couple
High production quality
Great chemistry and handsome actors
Recommended by Amigo_Love
They are both from manga, and both are Korean bl. Roman, Youth, Drama, bl.

Recommended by Singhjjaksishddjkoaosjs
Both are BLs with a school setting and a super cute height difference between the leads.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
both are adorable and make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Romantic dynamics are similar between them.

Some indecision/personal understanding leading up to the relationship.
Recommended by CosmicLouise777
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Recommended by eliza321
It's the not-really-friends-but-we-tolerate-each-other to lovers trope! Haebom already likes Taesung and Jiwoo also admired the actor Seojoon and their relationship progresses from there.
Recommended by juldiith
Both are short BL dramas in which the characters knew each other since childhood, and one or both MLs have always been in love but afraid to confess. Both have a slower paced vibe.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
Korean bl
School life
Friends to lover
Good looking Cute couple
Great chemistry
Good bl to watch
Recommended by Esha Ghosh
- Both are set in a school setting.
- Both are Korean bls
- Both feature one of the main lead's development from being a loner to making friends and getting along with others as well as gaining a love interest
- Both feature a cute storyline and progression between the two main leads
Recommended by maplecottoncandy
Korean BL
Long length
Cute couple
Good looking couple
High production quality
Great chemistry and handsome actors
Recommended by Amigo_Love
They have same love trope: love of childhood friends which know each other for their whole life <3 Best chemistry between couples, no weird/cringe things between main couple, true fleeings, good acting
Recommended by akdage
-Both have a sweet couple that have a lovely dynamic
-easy to watch
-Softer romance themes with one or more kiss scenes
-Great for newcomers into the world of BL
-Both are great South Korean dramas that deserve recommending
-They both have charm
Recommended by CosmicLouise777
Both feature a love story between two adopted brothers. Cherry blossoms after winter is a lot more fluffy though, while Unknown is more of a heavier series.
Recommended by Faitheej
Both series include a main character whose parents die, he is then adopted by a new family and later falls in love with his stepbrother. One of the stepbrothers in each of the series initially refuses the other brother's affection because he does not want to disappoint their family but after some time he surrenders. In both dramas, the parents refuse to accept the relationship at first, so the couple has to persuade them that there is nothing wrong about that.
HIStory4 has a darker vibe because one of the characters uses morally questionable means to get his stepbrother's love.
Recommended by HKN
Childhood friends to lovers, short length BLs with a school setting. Both are slower paced and lovely.
Recommended by emeraldarrows
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