My Rainy Days



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They both involve a younger girl in love with an older guy who is reluctant to love her back.
Recommended by TPixie_12
An older guy and high school girl. Mellow in tone with a bit of angst but not depressing.
Recommended by FortuneDay
The same chemistry. Both of their romance touch your heart in a natural, gentle, sweet and deep way.
Recommended by athu
Both are about teacher-student romance, and while both of them are very cute, My Rainy Days is a bit more serious movie.
Recommended by Aiste
In both a teacher falls for the student. They are both sweet and lots of romance. My rainy days touches more serious points tho.
Recommended by cherry
Both this drama and the film Tenshi no Koi deal with an age gap relationship wherein the male is the older lead.

Both deal with disease and illness in characters and both seem to have underlying deeper meanings.
Recommended by Char
Both movies have the lead girl lose faith in friendship and begin to use it as a tool for their own lack of love and greed.
Recommended by girl_on_fire
Both are male teacher&female schoolgirl love stories. Both have male leads who have deadly diseases. And both are beautiful.
Recommended by Serin
Both movies are about a girl who is detached from the world and doesn't really give much for anything but herself and her possessions (or so it may seem). They have a chance-encounter and things take a turn, for Lui it being stuck in a weird love-triangle, for Rio it might just be the strange relationship she got herself into not knowing if this is 'it'. They're both kind of indie movies, not your everyday cookies, with a good dash of psychology in them. You shouldn't shy away from some adult themes in both movies.
Recommended by Animya
I dunno why but these movies feel similar to me. So much feels watching the two. The feeling of falling in love and wanting to be happy but because of the situation, it felt impossible. It's kind of sad, and not in a depressing way, but in a way where your heart feels warm and you just can't help but cry... I can't explain exactly, just watch!
Recommended by Oppa-kiss-me