Bride of the Century



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Both have female twins that haven't met each other until they were adults, the poor twin lead the rich twin's life for different reasons.

But in Bride of the Century, there is a supernatural element; while Mask does not.
Recommended by hiphop123
both of male leadears are grumpy rich boys who fall for the poor girl and change after that
Recommended by Ann
The story is the same. The difference is that there is no plastic surgery and betrayal on the part of the protagonist.
Recommended by Lívia❤GOT7
TVAS is more of a Suspense Thriller and BOTC is more of a Melodrama but what they have in common is a complicated Family connection, nefarious motives, and mystery to unravel. Also, a ghost.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
both dramas perspective are towards marriage. even the genres quite different. we can see real chemistry between the leads. great cable dramas that we can't found on major broadcast network.
Recommended by Ann Choo Ha
These drama have supernatural element and curse that bring the male lead and female lead together .
Recommended by SitiNadhirah
Both: are comedy mixed with melodrama (although I think BotC is a bit more dark and KMHM is a bit more cornball), have people doing dirty deals to try to inherit money/power/family business, feature a sibling-like relationship between the leading lady and the 2nd lead male, have a mystery surrounding both the leading lady and the leading man, leading men have trust issues due to people always wanting to take advantage of them for money, are well done.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both dramas are focused on deceiving somebody who is rich, to gain something. The female protagonists deceive the main male protagonist by acting as someone else's' replacement. Eventually, both female and male protagonist will develop feelings for each other.
Recommended by JennyNguyen
They both have a twin, one is evil and the other one is innocent/ good. The difference is that, in Nice witch they are biological twins whereas in Bride if the century , they’re not they just look alike. In NW the twin become ill and stayed in the hospital and ask the other twin to pretend to be her while she’s recovering whereas in BOEC the evil girl didn’t want to get married, so she ran away and the mother find out they is a look alike girl, which they give her money to pretend to be that girl and stay with her husband to be ( as it was arranged marriage). Overall both evil twins, wanted the man near the end because they were jealousy.
Recommended by Mary Wilfred
If you enjoyed the main story arc on Joong Won past in Master's Sun you'll enjoy Bride of the Century, it almost feels like a spin off.
Recommended by Kasjady
In both, tthe husband/wife falls in love with the kind imposter while the real one tries to murder the imposter.
Recommended by kookiejamz
has the character "Jeremy/Lee Hong Gi" in the lead, both have the same vibe like the old kdramas or shoujo mangas, both are innocent love story between innocent characters, also has idols
Recommended by Red Block