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Both dramas are stories of revenge. The series surrounds the fulfillment of revenge for a beloved person who died violently when the main characters were younger. The stories' conclusions are reminiscent of each other. Ikuta Toma also stars in both dramas.
Recommended by GigiRedbird
They are both revenge dramas. It is pretty much the same story, only with a female main lead.
Recommended by krissasaur
In both series we ask ourselves if the main character is either good or bad. As the action advances we discover his reasons for being like that.
Recommended by claudya87
it's the Japanese version of this drama,
Recommended by darkn3ss
both dramas deal with a hidden revenge, emotional interesting plot and great cast, oh and two arashi members
Recommended by sotashi
Both of the dramas are suspense and have detective elements in it. Also, the main actor - Ikuta Toma. Maou has more emotional intensity and Majo Saiban has more intensity in terms of "I have no idea what's happening here".
Recommended by catnip
Both dramas where the main lead will go to great lengths to get his revenge. Includes manipulation and death.
Recommended by Matrix
Even though the storyline is all different in both dramas, both are full of mystery, true friendships and the classic 'seeking for revenge' plot.
Recommended by Dia