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Disclaimer: haven't been active in both dramas or the site, so for now just updating my age from "25" :D Will be curious to rework this section a bit later overall.

Me? 29 years old, female, Lithuanian.

Dramas? I sort of prefer Japanese dramas to Korean ones, because Japanese have more variety in plots and Korean ones are really long (both in duration and number of episodes). Also, I think Korean dramas rely much more on the appearance of the actors (not to say they don't have talent, but let's be honest - it's an eye candy first, idea only then) rather than the message of their creations. And, I started everything from Japanese dramas, so perhaps some nostalgia also exists.

Movies? I like horror movies. I like serious movies. Which is quite strange, because in Western media, I prefer mainstream and commercial cinema/TV shows - but in Asian media for some reason I try to choose something with more substance and moral value rather than entertainment (both for movies and dramas).

Variety shows? Not anymore. I watch Weekly Idol semi-frequently, mainly because of Random Play Dance + if they have idols that I like.

Anime? Yup, into that too. Not very actively though.

Kpop? Yes, please. At the moment I'm into Mamamoo, Red Velvet, to some extent Infinite and BTS and who knows what else. I'm rarely interested in solo idols, for some reason.

My profile pic? That's Lee Jun Ki. I used be into him very much. Now I'm not, but I really like the picture - it has great movement.

Feel free to hit me up if you want to discuss something in particular - fandoms create friends or at least cool acquaintances that are nice to talk to :)


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