by KearaMH, September 23, 2018

I’ve been writing here for two whole years now, and if there’s anything I’ve realized, it’s that reviews can take a really long time to write. Depending on how long-winded a reviewer is, they can take a long time to read, too. So, to save all of us some time, here are 20 KDrama reviews in 3 sentences or less. If you missed the first entry into this series (which includes 20 other reviews), you can find it here.

Note: I will be making fun of dramas that I’m sure a lot of you love. I love a lot of them, too. This is meant to be funny, but I’ll be expressing my honest opinions. If you disagree, be civil. Thank you.

Age of Youth: An uplifting story about sisterhood, romance, and borderline-alcoholism. Korean college students might not burn couches like Americans do, but they sure do drink like us.

Arang and the Magistrate: Writer tries for 20 episodes to make me care for an unlikable douchebag and fails miserably.

Bad Guys: The one where they aren’t collecting taxes. 

Defendant: Ji Sung Crying and Screaming: The Series

Gu Family Book: Had a super unsatisfying ending that I wish they explored rather than just scotch-taping it onto the end of the show. Lee Seung Gi goes rawr.

Healer: One of my favorite dramas ever, but also the reason I don’t like riding in elevators anymore.

It’s Okay, That’s Love: A genuinely interesting commentary on mental illness, relationships, and stigma that is unfortunately rough around the edges. Secretly an advertisement for man-sandals.

Save Me: That one time Colonel Sanders led a cult and OCN not-so-subtly criticized Christianity. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Terrible and unfocused on a technical level, but irresistibly fun and definitely worth a watch. 

The K2: Je Ha x Yoo Jin 4 lyfe

The Lover: I just want the gays to be happy. Is that too much to ask?

Vampire Prosecutor: Definitely not the best thing ever, but still pretty good. I completely understand why people were initially super excited for Vampire Detective.

Vampire Detective: Decent bromance, awesome main villain, very unfocused plot. The passing reference to the hero of Vampire Prosecutor was not enough to save it.

Missing Noir M: The episodes that were good were really good and the ones that weren’t really sucked. Kim Kang Woo deserves better than the mountains of sub-par garbage he’s been in over the years.

You Who Came from the Stars: Kim Soo Hyun sounds like Kermit when he yells. The main villain is a complete idiot, and if he was intimidating at any point, I must have missed it.

Are You Human, Too?: I dunno, am I?

Lookout: This series is a blast to watch and it genuinely surprised me with its ending. Jang Do Han is by far the best KDrama anti-hero I have ever seen. Jo Soo Ji can beat me up anytime

Signal: Man, I don’t remember playing Telephone like this.

Blood: It sucks. A real pain in the neck, if you ask me.

White Christmas: How is it so good??? Seriously! With a cast as green as this one, there is no way this should have been as fantastic as it is.

Thanks for reading! I think, regardless of how much we love these shows, even the most well-received ones deserve a bit of good-natured ribbing sometimes. Hopefully you got at least a couple laughs out of this.

Thanks again!