by Ugly Duckling, September 12, 2014

I hope you will like this article and be satisfied! I think I have watched enough movies/dramas about him to write this. Have fun!:)


Kang Dong Won. This name always melts on my tongue and calms my heart down! This fantastic actor got me into Korean dramas and movies. One day randomly on our TV I saw a channel that only airs Asian movies and guess what... The moment I saw his face for the first time I think my mouth hung open for hours as I watched his movie. His acting is something incredible. He has a weird aura around him that makes you stare at him until the movie ends. After I was introduced to this actor, of course, I had to know more about his work. I'll bring you a few facts about him that shocked me a bit, but also made me happy.

Kang Dong Won was born on 18 January in 1981 so he is currently 33 years old. He is from Busan but Wow! he doesn't sound like it. I never heard his strong Busan accent. His parents are also very popular. His dad owns a shipping company that is very successful. Dong Won is also very smart and his IQ is 137 so...he is either a genius or a sexy nerd - I take the second option ^^. His career started in the year 2000 as one agent saw him on the street and decided that he must be their agency's model, so they made it happen. Our Dong Won is also very good at singing as he sang the OST for his two movies (as far as i know) and Duelist. Dong Won is also often mistaken for Joo Won since they look alike :)

Now let's get started!



This is the movie I was talking about in the foreword! This is my first movie with him and I am so glad I turned on the TV back then! This amazing person (or more like supernatural being) got me addicted into this world I am in right now! I never knew that I had a fetish for guys with long hair, but he... aarghh... I can't even describe how this movie was amazing! He had this mysterious  aura around him and his eyes... Gosh, his eyes were the thing that talked. As a character, he was cold and never talked too much. He was really like a robot, but when I saw him spot the girl, I saw a light in his beautiful eyes. He started to act strange and slowly he started to help the girl. In the middle, this movie had very good martial arts scenes. I think that whole movie was based on martial arts since Don Wong was a really amazing swordsman! He did magic and the way he and Ha Ji Won acted... Their chemistry was simply beautiful! Their battle wasn't about who will kill whom, but their fights show so much love they feel for each other! Every movement was elegant and precise. Even if  this movie didn't have a kissing scene, I am not disappointed or sad because the way the whole story went I got everything I wanted! Their pure and true love was something I will never be able to erase from my mind. Anyway, this movie was also a bit funny if you can call it that, but yeah I enjoyed it!

At the end I was really crying like hell..Not because of the ending but because how beautiful it was made! You know I never usually cry because of movies (not even Titanic) but this..this was an exception.The director did an amazing job and it would be great if I could meet him in real life.I also saw some specials how was this movie was made and the director did a really good job since he spent lot of time with Ha Ji Won and Kang Dong Won. He showed them how to portait every detail and our big talent Dong Won did an amazing job even when he had such hard role! This movie is number 1 for me. Nothing can be better than this!

Jeon Woo Chi the Taoist Wizard


After searching Dong Won on the internet, I had to watch more of his work. I found this movie and, as the title says wizard and Taoist, I knew that there will be something supernatural and martial arts going on. From my childhood, I have been a big fan of martial arts so Dong Won's movies are like heaven for my soul! This movie surprised me very nicely because Dong Won mostly plays the bad guy. Let's face it, it's the truth! But in this movie he was the one saving the world and not the other way around! Also, this was the first comedy I watched with him and wow.. He CAN make me laugh. It's very funny how the producers made the plot. His acting didn't disappoint me once again and I spent the whole day watching it over and over again. And did I mention that he had a long hair AGAIN? I was screaming from happiness when I saw him with that hairstyle! About the romance: There was one, but for me it wasn't very important since the storyline was more interesting. When I want to see my Dong Won alive in his movies I will just watch this movie and I can live normally again! As many of you may know Dong Won (I don't know for what reason) accepts lots of roles where his character dies. So I was really happy when he didn't die in this movie!

Our Happy Time


Our Happy Time, or Maundy Thursday, is a movie that's very hard for me to talk about since it's very emotional. Many of you readers experienced hardships in your life and this movie was exactly about it. When I first read the summary/plot I never expected to have such strong emotions when watching it. The first scene was so broken... I don't watch many psychological things, but this.. Wow.. The main girl had some evident problems because she tried to attempt suicide many times. Dong Won's character was broken too, since his life was very sad and miserable. I can feel the pain they both experienced through life because I experienced something similar, but thank God I didn't end up like them.The romantic chemistry was very intense and you could feel the love in the air. They both understood each other and that made the bond even stronger between them. They found peace in each other's arms and I was just amazed about what Dong Won did.. amazing job. I cried a lot at the end. This man is in my list of favorite actors because he has so much talent! The only sad thing is that he doesn't do many dramas and he always chooses the bad guy roles, but hey, we love him for it, right?So this movie is in my heart and whenever I feel like everything is bad I just watch this and get back to myself because this movie can teach you a lot of things in your life.



Haunters, or Psychic, is another supernatural movie with Dong Won starring as the main lead. But, of course, he is on the bad side AGAIN. When I discovered this movie I thought, "wow this will be super amazing and I will love it!" Yes, on one side it is the truth what I said but on the other side, no. Dong Won played the role of a psychopath very well and as I study Psychology it's very easy for me to scan his emotions through the whole movie. His character was very strong and showed me authority, but also sadness, madness and pain. Dong Won's acting is very good and I must say he made me believe for a while that he really WAS a crazy bastard! His expressions, his voice, his actions: I saw it in everything. At the end, I was left speechless as in many of his movies. I think Dong Won is doing a very good job in his every movie because he can portray every role he is given. I hope to see more movies like this from him! ^_^

This article came to end, I hope you like the movies I choose this time!:) As many of you know our Dong Won has so many movies that I was having a hard time to choose but at the end this came out!

Other movies/dramas he was in:

Temptation of Wolves (I have seen it and it's awesome!)

Too Beautiful To Lie (A rom-com and sweet love, have seen it many times!)

M (Again, a dark movie, but nice)

Secret Reunion (Very good spy-action movie!)

Kundo: Age of the Rampant (His first movie in 2014 after he came back from military service. He will be a swordsman again and I can't wait!)

My Palpitating Life (Hopefully, this movie will have a happy ending! It will come in September! I am very excited)

I hope you enjoyed my opinion on what I think are his best movies! Tell me which one of his dramas/movies you liked?

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