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Kim Jae Won has been nicknamed "smiling angel" for his famous smile - but that's not my only favorite thing about this actor, I particularly love his voice.^^ His voice is like music to my ears (corny I know) but personally I think he has one of the smexyist voices in k-drama-land. Besides liking his voice, I love his style of acting. He plays a good guy in almost every drama I've seen him in, and he usually has a playful side which made me love this actor ;)

The first drama I saw this actor in was My Love Patzzi. Although at the time that I watched this drama I wasn't a fan of his but rather a fan of Kim Rae Won (whom I watched the drama for). I honestly didn't even realize I had previously seen him there when I started to watch  Can You Hear My Heart (where my stalkerish ways started for this actor). I started to look up his information on his previous projects and ones that were coming and when I did that I found out that I had seen him in MLP (ding dong ding). I was like: "THAT guy was HIM?!!" O.O lol  


My Favorite projects by Kim Jae Won

(so far he hasn't disappointed me with any of his projects)

Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

KJW plays the role of Cha Dong Joo, a man who lost his hearing in an accident after witnessing a crime. In order to hide the fact he can't hear, he learned to read lips and reunites with a childhood friend whom he falls in love with. The romance part of this story was lovely as was the bromance (while it lasted). I particularly liked the way he dressed on this drama - the "suits" he wore are the kind of suits I would like to see more often in dramas. He was more pasty (color wise) in this drama (I think they wanted him to look that way to show that he is "sick" or that could have just been my interpretation of it, since KJW is known to have a "milky white" complexion - I personally prefer him to have a tad bit of color ;) )



Wonderful Life (2005) 

KJW plays the role of Han Seung Wan, a guy who dreams of becoming a pilot, but on his way to surprise his crush/girlfriend he runs into Jung Se Jin (Eugene). That encounter, after a couple of events, ends up in a one night stand and as a result he becomes a father - unbeknownst to him. When he later finds out his family "forces" the couple to get married. I loved this drama and have since watched it twice (I am a fan of both KJW and Eugene). It shows the couple maturing in love and marriage together while raising an adorable child.



Scandal: A Shocking & Wrongful Incident (2013) 

KJW plays the role of Ha Eun Joong, a boy who was kidnapped at the age of 5 (although he thinks he is being raised by his dad). He grows up to become a detective and while investigating a criminal he finds out he is not his father's son. The drama goes on about how this fact changes things and if he can still love the father who raised him or if he will turn against him. This was his first attempt at a "darker" drama, and I must say he did exceptionally well in his role here. I loved his tortured relationship with his "father" the kidnapper and the girl he fell for <3



Great Inheritance (2006)   

KJW plays the role of Kang Hyun Se - a gangster! He finds out his mom left him an inheritance - but that inheritance is a KINDERGARTEN!! He meets his leading lady Yoo Mi Rae ( Han Ji Min) who works at the kindergarten, and we see the interaction of KJW's character improve by her influence and the children surrounding him ;). He has 2 choices: take his inheritance or destroy it. It was so cute seeing KJW with the kids - they would just all tackle him and at first he didn't know what to do but then he started to enjoy himself <3



Wuri's Family (2001)   

- as Han Wuri (he's really young and cute here) (no subtitles for this drama). The drama shows how Wuri (Kim Jae Won) meets and falls in love with a deaf-mute girl - the struggles he faces in order to keep his love and his childhood friend who struggles to end her feelings for him. There are several other cute side stories too.



Romance (2002) 

- as Kim Bong Kyun: a great romance showing the love between a young man and a woman six years his senior - who also happens to be his teacher. I loved his character in this drama, KHN however I liked her and didn't like her at times lol.



May Queen (2012) 

- as Kang San/Ryan Kang. Described as bright and playful (which he definitely was) but yet was holding a grudge against the man that caused his grandfather's demise. He comes back to take what rightfully belonged to him and along the way captures the heart of the girl he never forgot^^.



She Is Nineteen (2004)  

- as Kang Min Jae (Currently Watching). About a girl who was abandoned by her guardians after her mother passed away and had her inheritance taken away by them the same day - she grows up with her adoptive brother. She will end up in a contract marriage with the doctor who treats her brother and at the same time she comes head to head with his brother played by Yoon Kye Sang. I like what I have seen of this drama so far, it's funny and cute and I like the OST.


My Love Patzzi (2002)

-as Kang Seung Joon (I watched this drama for Kim Rae Won). I watched this drama so long ago that I forgot almost everything lol. I remember liking it and shipping KRW & Jang Na Ra together ;). Two girls who were childhood frienemies continue to collide when they work together at an amusement park. Song Yi meets her childhood crush (KRW) and also gets entangled with (KJW) when an accident happened while she was trying to take revenge on her friend. It was a good drama and I enjoyed watching it.



100 Days With Mr.Arrogant (2004)

- as Ahn Hyung Joon (Main role). I have seen this movie twice I believe - once by myself and once with my younger sister.



More about Kim Jae Won:

Born: Feb 18, 1981, Height: 183cm. Spouse: Park Seo-yoon (m. Jun 28 2013) they were childhood friends who began dating in Oct 2012. Children: Son born Dec 2013 - child's nickname is "heaven" because he has always liked that word.

KJW was the MC of Get It Beauty HOMME, a "beauty guide for men" on the cable channel On Style. In 2014 there have been no dramas with him :'( but he has been on a few Variety shows: Four Sons & One Daughter Jan 2014-Present and The Real Story Edge - March 2014-Present. He has also appeared on Inkigayo in 2002 from Jan-Aug.

Kim Jae Won also has a couple songs out^^

Promise - a Japanese single from 2008 

My Woman (Stay in The Moment) Korean Single from 2013 (I LOVE this song <3 ) I could have it on repeat for hours and not get bored - I SO LOVE his dreamy voice <3


This concludes my article on Kim Jae Won - I hope you enjoyed finding out about him ;D I'll see you next time^^

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