by ChaNee, April 24, 2015

Grab a bucket of popcorn, your favorite drink, take a comfy seat and...


Qian Ren Gong Lue 

Country: China     Year: 2014     Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama 

Meng Yun (Han Geng) runs a successful business with his best friends Luo Qian (Wang Li Kun) &Yu Fei (Zheng Ryan). Meng Yun is invited to the wedding of an ex-girlfriend and is seated at the table designated for the bride's ex-boyfriends when he is immediately enamored of a late arrival who is unknowingly headed to the table reserved for the ex-girlfriends of the groom. Meng Yun meets Xia Lu (Xingtong Yao) in an explosive manner and they hit it off immediately and begin dating. As the relationship progresses and the two lovebirds seem to head to bliss, they hit a snag... the exes return in a big way.   

There isn't anything special about Ex-Files. It follows the basic rom-com scenario. It's funny. It's sad. It's has the noble idiocy and sometimes the plot falls flat. I admit! I almost dropped this movie. Not because it was bad. It was because the first 1/3 of the movie felt slow but what kept me was the fact that Han Geng's acting kept pulling me back and I was captivated by Kai Zheng's looks because I kept imagining John Cho in my mind for the entire movie. I can't tell you when it happened... yes, I can... the slow pace of the movie stopped as soon as the wedding scene was shown. After that, I was all in especially when Lee Sang Yeob showed up as one of the exes. It's a good movie for a lazy weekend.

Breakup Buddies

Xinhua Hua Lu Fang 

Country: China      Year: 2014     Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama 

Poor Geng Hao (Huang Bo). He is undergoing a messy divorce and having an extremely hard time getting over his wife. After having a major breakdown, his best friend Hao Yi (Xu Zheng) tricks him into taking a road trip to Dali and while traveling, he plans to help Geng Hao get over his wife by introducing him to several women along the way. 

This movie turned out to be nothing like I expected. It wasn't your typical hijinks road trip even though there were some hijinks. If you've seen the official trailer(not shown), you would expect a lot of raunchy comedy compared to the actual raunchy comedy that is in this movie. The story was much deeper than I was expecting which isn't a bad thing. What I liked most about the story is the main character, Geng Hao. Huang Bo did an excellent job connecting this personality to the audience. We get to experience a normal guy dealing with the breakup of a relationship. Geng Hao takes us through a range of emotions while trying out his best friend's solution for post-marriage blues.

Delete My Love

Delete Ai Ren 

Country: Hong Kong     Year: 2014     Genre: Romance, Comedy 

So Boring (Wong Cho Lam) doesn't have an easy life. He has a horrible boss (Michael Hui) and doesn't do much better with his coworkers. His personal life doesn't give him cause for joy as well. His younger sister is a compulsive gambler and his mother is a trickster who is trying to get the home his grandfather left him. The little happiness he receives is from his hypochondriac girlfriend Bobo (Ivana Wong) and his loyal best friend Wah Dee (Alex Fong) who fails at cheering So Boring's mood. One day he receives a spam text advertising a way to change his life - "If you can delete those you don't like, what would it be?". He deletes the text but on that day he is fired from his job. His life mysteriously starts to change for the better... or the worse?   

This movie is for people that enjoys slapstick comedy such as myself. I really enjoyed this once I got over the cheesy beginning. It reminds me of the body swap comedies such as Freaky Friday, Big, and The Change Up in the fact that you get to experience an altered life. It's a fun movie which gets a bit serious during the last half but it doesn't diminish the comedic feel the movie is going for.