by Wiam Najjar, May 11, 2015

Sol Kyung Gu


I only watched this film star in two films; Jail Breakers and Cold Eyes. But both left a deep impression on me and showed me enough to know what a talent he has.

Oh Gwang Rok


I watched few works by this actor, like: A Moment to Remember, She's on DutyBaby & IVampire IdolHigh School King of SavvyLove Cells and Healer. But he only grabbed my attention in High School King and Healer. It was in Healer that I saw the spark! Ah! I shall check him out one day.

Lee Jung Jae


I only watched this famous actor in The Thieves after I put Sandglass on hold when I lost access to the rest of the episodes. So I practically watched one work by him. I have always been curious about him but I haven't had the motivation yet. Maybe one day.

Kim Hee Won


I watched this actor in Oh My LadyYou Who Came From the StarsIncomplete Life and Gu Family Book, and I'm currently hating him in Angry Mom. My moment of epiphany was in Gu Family Book. There I felt he was an actor I should know more.

Jun Noh Min



Though I watched him in A Tree with Deep RootsMedical Top Team and The Three Musketeers. My moment of recognition was in Queen Seon Duk. His role as Seol Won, the competent soldier and the shrewd politician always loyal to his lover Mishil left a deep impression on me. His cameo in Maids proved that to me as I cried watching him die.

Kwak Do Won


It was Ghost that had me infatuated by this man for a while. Good Doctor calmed me down, but just thinking of his role as the fearless and hilarious Kwon Hyuk Joo in Ghost brings to life all the emotions.

Lee Jong Won


He acted in my first drama ever; Sad Love Story, and he was the villain so I obviously hated him. I saw him almost 10 years afterwards in The Master's Sun and liked his role. But my moment was Legendary Witch. He's my favorite male character there.

Kim Sang Kyung



My first time watching his was in What Happens to My Family and that was enough for me to click yes on his name. I did watch May 18 after that and got impressed.

Jun Kwang Ryul


Missing You was a drama that had me falling for so many people and moments, Jun Kwang Ryul was one of them. Though he died really early, he was one of the best things about the drama. Even now I feel like crying. I'm still watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and he's so good there as Choi Min Soo's enemy and friend. In both dramas he played brave, strong and caring characters and won over my heart.

Ji Jin Hee


I'm still watching my first by him, Blood. And though his role is not the best role out there, and he's not the most intriguing villain, I can tell he'll be worth watching in other works.

Sung Ji Ru


Though I watched this actor in few dramas and I like him well enough, I feel like I need some more. I watched him in Kick the MoonBreak OutSunny, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Queen of AmbitionYou're All Surrounded and Dr. Frost and I can remember every role. But there's that mysterious feeling of I-want-more-to-make-sure.

Jung In Ki



What applies to Sung Ji Ru applies to Jung In Ki. I saw him in Oh! Happy DayAttack on the Pin-Up BoysMay 18The FiveSecret GardenFlower Boy Ramen ShopThe King of DramasTwo WeeksDoctor StrangerPinocchio and now in The Girl Who Sees Scents. My click was in King of Dramas. And yes, I want more.

Which of these actors you're curious about?! And who are your favorites?! I wish I could share some of your thoughts in this series.

See you next time in part one of Actresses Over 40 Who Never Cease to Amaze.

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.