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A Stalker's Guide to Park Gun Tae

Born: February 5, 1996


He is such a cutie, I can't wait till he's old enough for a leading role ^^ I've seen him play the younger counterpart on several dramas - my favorites are his historicals ;D He's pretty well known for his child roles and now into his teenage drama roles. I absolutely LOVE seeing him on dramas!



Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011)

As the young Wun ^^ He played the character so well, I fell for him immediately! and they matched the younger & older actors so well - Park Gun Tae & Yoo Seung Ho really looked like the younger and older versions of each other. I recently re-watched all of Gun Tae's scenes and man I can tell you that this is his best work to date! <3 I love his role so much ^_^ He's such a cutie, with an innocent soul that is conflicted by wanting to protect those he's grown to love. *This is one historical you don't want to miss!*



Kim Soo Ro (2010)

As young Kim Soo Ro, he fought for justice and tried to protect those who were being hurt without knowing or sometimes even knowing it could harm himself. He couldn't tolerate injustice, but when people asked him what he'd do if he were king, he said "I don't want to be king, I don't even want to be a smithy, so why would I want to be king?" This is my 3rd or 4th favorite historical drama ^^



East of Eden (2008)

As the young Dong Wook. He's the brother who was switched at birth with Myung Hun, but doesn't know that yet, he loves his brother more than he loves his own life, he looks up to his brother and worries about him. His role in this drama was really good, he could easily pull the tears out of viewers. My favorite thing about this drama is the hand signal that the brothers share - every time they talk to each other like that it pulls at my heartstrings! <3



Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)

As the young Soo Hyun - his emotions were brilliant! you couldn't help but feel for this little man. He loses his everything in one night because of one man, his little broken heart will have you in tears :"( He gets adopted into a friends family and after a few struggles of not feeling like he belonged, he gains a brother. <3



Sorry I Love You (2004)

As Gal Chi - he has a supporting role as Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub)'s nephew ^_^ He was such a cutie in this drama - loved his scenes <3 He was pretty smart too. I recently finished this drama and I really enjoyed it ^^ He was such a little sweetheart, who got annoyed by his "dumb" mom (she had an accident when young) and finds his uncle and tries his best to keep his family together - he's adorable whether he is smiling, laughing or crying - you're sure to feel for this little man ^^



May Queen (2012)

As the young Chang Hee (the second lead) he watches his father get treated like dirt by the people he works for and he also likes Kim Yoo Jung's character. (My ship was with the other actor) but I was glad to see him in this drama ^^ It was my first time seeing him in a drama that wasn't a historical, so it took some time to get used to his short hair lol



Goddess of Fire Jung Yi (2013)

Loved his role in this drama, he is a little older and he plays a boy who likes Jung Yi and walks with her like her shadow to protect her. *his fighting skills were better when PGT played him* I loved both our lead and second lead guys in this drama - but luckily this drama pulled it off in a way where I could love them both equally and not have to choose lol



Future Boy (2010)

He plays Mil a kid who is science smart and who also sees certain future danger and does what he can to prevent it. I thought it was a very educational and fun mystery type drama for kids (and for the adult that likes kid shows from time to time) :P I really enjoyed it ^^ They overact a little but that's bound to happen on kid shows lol - his voice is so cute ^_^



Some pictures from a few other dramas he's been in.


^ this one is from Iris 2, he plays the young Yoo Gun - I have yet to watch this drama, but I plan to watch it soon! I believe there is only 1 repeated flashback - I kinda skimmed to find his scenes and I cam across the same scene twice in 5 episodes so... I think this is all of his screen time ^^


^ Kingdom of the Winds (2008) He wasn't in this drama for long - but he played the young Mu Hyeol - but I remember him vividly as the little youngster who wandered deeper into the cave he lived in, into an area where you're not allowed to go. He ventures in and meets this grandpa who says he's the one who protects the cave and the grave of King Jumong, the grandpa then shows him all his booby traps -


^ Many of you might recognize him from his most recent role in Orange Marmalade. It was a reunion of sorts for these two actors who played together in 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo' ^^ He plays Hwang Bum Sung, I dropped this drama when it turned into a historical - but I am planning on watching the episodes where it is back in present day.


^ This is from KBS drama special Stay Still, unfortunately I do not recommend this one - it's really boring, the only thing good in it was PGT's role and Lee Joo Seung's role - but even at that they didn't have that much screen time.


^ I found these snapshots on google - I'm not sure what drama they are from but it looks good based on these few pictures ^_^ *Let me know if you know what drama they are from!*


^ from King2Hearts drama as the young Jae Gang, he just has a guest appearance here. ^^


Some professional photos ^_^


^ I love these photos of him, the color, lighting, expressions are just perfect! <3


       ^ Behind the scenes of May Queen ^_^ Such a cute smile!!! <3


                                      ^ Cutie in a hanbok ^_^

This concludes my article on the cute child actor turned teenage actor Park Gun Tae ^^ How many of you adore this actor? I can't be the only one who has recognized him right? ^^


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