by ParkChohwa, December 29, 2015


    1990 was a year full of events on all aspects. Tower of Pisa was closed to public. Simpsons premiered. Iraq invaded Kuwait. Nelson Mandela was released from Prison in South Africa after 28 years and became leader of the African National Congress ( ANC ). The demolition of the Berlin Wall officially began and East and West Germany reunited including currency and economies. President George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed a historic agreement to end production of chemical weapons. West Germany won 1990 World Cup in Italy. Microsoft Released Windows 3.0. Margaret Thatcher announced her resignation as British PM .

But what do you think the most important event was? Well, I was born.

Don’t puke!

I love 1990. It marks a year of change on all aspects. And I feel so proud of those born in the same year and are walking steadily on their ways. I feel envious but motivated. That I, one day, can be someone just like them.

In this series, I’ll mention Korean actors and actresses born in the year 1990. I’ll focus on the ones I favour before I conclude with others I might not like but are recognized elsewhere. You’re beloved 1990-born actors are always welcomed.

Sung Joon (July 10th)


Do you feel what I feel? How can a person be this sexy no matter what he does? How can someone be totally believable, completely scary and at the same time just lovable?! Whatever his role is, he just outshines all. Did you watch Hyde, Jekyll, Me? The drama that had NOTHING to present! Who was the lead? Hyun Bin! Who shone? Sung Joon! Sung Joon simply and clearly just swept the board. I love Hyun Bin. He was one of my very first beloved actors (Secret Garden being my 5th drama ever). But truth is to be told, Sung Joon left him no space. Left none nowhere. A Lie to Me was Sung Joon for me (first time seeing him). Didn’t notice Kang Ji Hwan AT ALL! High Society was the second leads; absolutely. But who did I love the most? Sung Joon. Such chemistry with a difficult choice. Why? He would have chemistry with the wall if needed! White Christmas, holy god! Sung Joon, a priceless gem at 18. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, bless that hair and that lollipop! I Wake Up still drives me wild. I Need Romance made me want to date –I!-. Why? Because of the impossible gleam of hope of ever meeting Mr. Perfection. Holy kisses! Discovery of Romance was a bomb. But Joon was the cutest insecure man ever. Hate that type of men the most. Loved Joon to bits. Not quite right in the head, post-traumatized and sadist high schooler, would I ever sympathize with such a character if it wasn’t played by Sung Joon in Pluto? This boy gives me hope, motivation and inspiration. I’ll support him till the end. Can’t wait for his next projects.

Lee Hong Ki (March 2nd)


Heavenly voice! Cuteness overload. And such a humane guy! Jeremy!! Who watched You’re Beautiful for the unexpected and unforgettable reactions of Jeremy? Well, I did. Modern Farmer was not his best choice. Waited long till I got his character. Noriko Goes to Seoul and Our Heaven presented his sensitive image which I live for. His tears are too real. I know I have to catch up on his other works and I will. His voice, smile –and crazy hairstyles and nails- breathe life into me. Bless his precious soul.

Kang So Ra (February 18th)


Oh soul sister! If you read my stalker’s guide on this BEAUTIFUL young woman, you’d know already how much I am attached to her. If you haven't, check it out here:

I wish that one day I’ll have the honour and the pleasure to shake her hand. Proud of her achievements and steadiness as a fellow 1990er and a fellow woman. Cute to death in 4th Period Mystery, My Paparotti, Dr. Champ and Dream High 2. Intelligent and profound in Incomplete Life, Women in Our House and Ugly Alert. Complicated and heartbreaking in Sunny and Doctor Stranger. Haven’t finished Warm and Cozy yet. Can’t wait for her comeback in the very interesting-looking Goodbye My Beloved One. Oh my god with Rain! Can’t even!

Go Ah Ra (February 11th)


She might not be the most talented or convincing actress for some people, but she’s good enough for me. From my first drama by her in 2006; Snow Flower, to my latest watch -though not her last-, Reply 1994, Go Ah Ra has improved insanely. She’s not the same girl anymore. Though even in her earliest works; the Sharp series, I thought she was a talented and beautiful young girl. I was busy chasing football players when she was starring her first drama. In her two latest works; Reply 1994 and You’re All Surrounded, she blew my mind away. She gets totally immersed into her character you can see the flame of passion in her eyes. And though she was rumored to have dated Kim Min Jong last year, I still love her.

Totally irrelevant. Totally mentally challenged. I'm sorry for being this way.

Park Bo Young (February 12th)


Isn’t she just beautiful, talented and utterly lovable? Isn’t she an angel?! A Werewolf Boy; the crazy film I will never re watch because I value the little bit left of my sanity. She starred there and she made me cry and I loved her then I hated her but she was just awesome. (Don’t I sound just like a first grader trying to vocalize all that he knows in English!) Then I saw her inThe King and I- which I never finished or likely ever to- and she was just royal. In Hot Young Blood, she was hilarious and too good. The Silenced, for me, was a life experience and her rage fits were simply the best. Her adorable and brilliant multi-character performance in Oh My Ghostess blew many minds away. I know I should watch Scandal Makers. I promise to!

Many more are coming. And your favourites should be included, don't you think?