by Yoon Na Rae, May 28, 2016

In 1990, President Roh Tae Woo was still serving as the sixth President of South Korea and as expected, he was not only a controversial figure, but also a sly one.

Due to his military background as a soldier who held many key posts in the Korean army in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, it comes as no surprise that he was one of the people who participated in the coup that placed Chun Doo Hwan on the presidency seat. Who's Chun Doo Hwan? The ******* who ordered the Gwangju massacre and was sentenced to death but later pardoned. Dammit. You may not know about the Gwangju massacre, but you will know about May 18. Yes, the same thing. President Roh aided his high school friend in both coup and massacre and was later rewarded with presidency. Of course he pretended to be all democratic and a reformer, but his colours showed and he was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but was again pardoned later. Imagine!

During his term, he lead the Seoul Olympics, opened South Korea to foreign industry and reconciled with the U.S.S.R. after 42 years of official silence. But he weakened Korean products and their reputation internationally.

What am I saying? No matter what he did during his term, the mere fact that he was president must have been living hell for all the victims of the Gwangju rising.

During his term, our heroes were born. 

Seung Ri

(Dec 12th)


I can’t call him an established actor but I do love him very much and I do wish he gets the chance to shine more as an actor and as a singer. Many people don’t consider Seung Ri talented in either fields. Well, I do. I think he’s got much to offer and I believe he’ll impress once given the proper chance. Watch out for him.

 Choi Soo Young 

(Feb 10th)


I had – and for a long time – that unexplainable hatred, or more precisely, disgust towards SNSD. Believe me, I don’t know the reason. Or was it Im Yoon Ah? Whom I cannot fathom and who’s supposed to belong to this series but NO WAY IN HELL am I adding her. Sorry! So anyway, I didn’t like the band or ever went near them and when Choi Soo Young was cast in The Spring Day of My Life and bearing in mind that I hadn’t watched The King and the Clown by then and had not the slightest clue who the deuce Kam Woo Sung was, I was not planning to watch The Spring Day of My Life. But my drama friends kept spazzing about how good it was, so I decided to give it a try and I did and I fell straight off a cliff in the embrace of Soo Young. This sounds weird. Anyway, I fell in love with the girl and her so realistic and so emotional acting that I checked out SNSD afterwards! Imagine! Yoona and all! 

 Lee Ki Kwang/AJ 

(March 30th)


High Kick Through the Roof!My Princess and Mrs. Cop – AJ played similar roles. Absolute born-to-be-loved characters. In My Princess he was edible. I do know I sound like a freaky pervert, but you’d only know if you've watched it, and he won an award for that. Loved him to bits and pieces in High Kick and laughed as hard as I pitied him. Imagine yourself under the mercy of 10 year old Jin Ji Hee! Daebak! I expected more of his character in Mrs. Cop – well, expected more of everything – but his moments with Heo Jeong Do were worth the trouble. Whenever I see him with Beast – he’s the reason I follow Beast anyway – I just beam. Don’t blame 2010 Miss Korea Jung Sora for following Beast around (for further information and tons of fun, check out the variety show Oh! My School). Korean entertainment business should start paying me anyway.

Baek Jin Hee

(Feb 8th)


This actress is definitely not bad. I can be outrageously subjective but it would be too much to say she can’t act just because I don’t like her. And it’s not her face or acting or anything. It’s just her articulation of the words and her voice I can’t stand. I might sound really ridiculous and superficial, but I do mute the video whenever I really have to watch her in something. Loved the four works I watched her in; Pride and PrejudiceTriangle and Our Heaven, but it’s still her voice. In Empress Ki she completely amazed the bitch – excuse my French – enough to make me forget about her voice. But still... is there anything one can do about this kind of problem?

 Han Sun Hwa

(Oct 6th)


Beautiful? Definitely. Talented? I can’t tell. In Marriage, Not Dating she wasn't bad. Not memorable, but not bad. I dropped Rosy Lovers right after the first episode. And not being a fan of Secret, I actually really don’t know. So if you know whether she's talented, please tell me.

Don't be pissed if your star has not been mentioned yet.. I've barely even started.  ;)