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by DreamingKoreanBallad on December 22, 2016
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Seo Ji Hye

Born: Aug 24, 1984

170cm Blood type A



I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon (2012)

My absolute favorite drama of hers and my favorite character of hers that she has played ^_^ She plays a rich girl who does volunteer work at a hospital and teaches baking lessons to the elders. She meets and falls in love with Jinu (played by Jo Dong Hyeok) who works as a doctor there. Her character is very sweet and loveable and she's nicknamed the "happy virus" in it by her friend. She stands her ground and is also stubborn in the good sense. This is one of the BEST daily dramas out there! They are one of my favorite couples in drama-land ^_^


Saranghae (2008)

My second favorite drama of hers where she plays a naive girl who falls in love with a guy (played by Ahn Jae Wook) who is scared of commitment but a one night stand leads them to get married and a baby is on the way. This pair is a couple who learns how to love and they meet friends who discuss similar issues.


Kim Soo Ro (2010)

She plays a princess (I think) who falls in love with Soo Ro (played by Ji Sung) and waits for him by his side until he finally sees her - their love story is epic and extremely faithful. This was the first drama I've seen her in and I instantly became a fan of not only her acting but her beauty as well. I think she's one of the most beautiful Korean actresses I've ever seen ^_^ and I wish my nose looked as nice as hers (yes I have issues with my profile lol). This is one of my favorite Sageuk's b/c of this love story. She fell in love with him at first sight and he later falls for her.


Over the Rainbow (2006)

In this drama, she plays another one of those characters that I love her in ^_^ Cute, innocent, sweet, smart and clumsy^^ She's absolutely PERFECT for those roles! Every drama she plays a character like that, it makes me love her. In this, she plays a fan of Rex (a popular singer played by Hwan Hee) who b/c of issues tries to pursue a dancing career which she knows she's bad at but she figures there is nothing one can't do without practice. Along the way she gets help discovering her passion and also falls in love. The drama as a whole is really good and I highly recommend it to music drama lovers ^_^ It's the best I've seen in this genre. Seeing the singers and wannabe singers/dancers struggles in pursuit of what they love or are passionate about was really enjoyable. It was a stress free watch for me and I enjoyed it from episode 1 all the way to the end and marathoned it straight in 2 days ;) And if anyone happens to be a fan of; Poppin Hyun Joon and Park Aeri on IS2 - well, Poppin Hyun Joon (Nam Hyun Joon) is in this drama! He was a special bonus that I wasn't expecting.        r1xEyybL_c7bb2f_f.jpg

Noble Woman (2014)

She plays the daughter of a housemaid and she falls for her "friend"s (the lady of the house's daughter) boyfriend but as things happen she actually ends up as his cousin in law. Her life is a struggle but she does find love in the process. I don't really like the title b/c it has nothing to do with the basis of the story - the title comes into play around episode 65 somewhere and as I said has no basis to the entire story. Anyways, I loved her character and Young Min - their story is what made the drama so great in my eyes. And the last half of the drama was my favorite. There were a few scenes later in the drama that made me cry a bit.


49 Days (2011)

In this drama, she plays the antagonist who betrays her friend's trust and cheats on her with her boyfriend, which causes this drama's plot to take off. She's not nice and you will more than likely dislike her in this drama. I love her in her more cutesy roles but she does a really good job at portraying mean characters too. This drama is about a girl who gets betrayed, falls into a coma and lives through another person in order to get a second chance at life and punish those who hurt her. It took me a few episodes to get into the drama when I watched it but at one point I was sucked into the drama but for me the ending was disappointing. I loved Jo Hyun Jae and Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo in this drama.


Chun Ja's Happy Events (2008)

This drama is about a girl who b/c of circumstances ends up pretending that the father of her baby is her boss's baby in order to protect the child from people who were trying to hurt her and the baby. The secret doesn't last long so don't worry. The brother of the man she lied about falls in love with her despite this past between them and once he realizes his feelings he pursues her relentlessly ^_^ He was actually my favorite character in the drama (Joo Hyuk played by Joo Sang Wook). SJH's character was a likeable but way too frustrating with all her "noble idiocy" that she constantly dished out in the drama :/ And she cried more than I liked as well. If she would have pursued what she wanted more without feeling so guilty all the time I'd have liked her more than I did. You can't find this drama online anymore, I found it a long time ago and downloaded it but I recently searched for it again and it's gone :/ I watched it raw as it's was Chinese site.


Ice Girl (2005)

She plays the fiancée to the "son" in this drama as well as a fellow doctor. She is betrayed by him when he says he is in love with the "Ice girl" - I loved her character - she's the main reason I watched this drama. I skip watched it however b/c I could not bear to watch any romance between the "ice girl" and that guy - I shipped the "ice girl" with her first love the "son"s father. The drama is about a girl who suffers heart issues and her father is a scientist, one day her heart won't last any longer - so her father takes drastic measures and "freezes" her until a day arrives where she can have a surgery that will save her life. Crazy right?! Yeah, well there are consequences to the dad's actions and not just one either but several - never take fate into your own hands. I watched it beginning to end for SJH and for the love story between the Ice girl and her first love.


Punch (2014)

In this drama she plays the partner or secretary of sorts to Kim Rae Won's character and her character isn't an extremely prominent figure in this drama but she was a loyal workmate of his and she also had a crush on him. (if I remember correctly). This drama is extremely good, the political fights, the conversations between characters and the emotions delivered. Simple and AMAZING drama! Our main lead is suffering from a deadly brain tumor and decides he needs to fight the corruption he's been helping all along in order to leave a better world for his young daughter after he's gone.


Jealousy Incarnate (2016)

She's a supporting character in this drama as well and she plays a news anchor who is "interested" in the lead (but in her own unique way lol) - she was an enjoyable character with crazy attributes. This drama was an enjoyable marathon. All characters were special in their own way and the drama seemed to flow nicely and the music was super nice!


Yeah, That's How it is (2016)

She's a supporting lead in this drama as a girl who was widowed only 15 days after her marriage and loses her mother-in-law shortly after - she lives with her father-in-law and is judged b/c of it - but she is just a simple girl who loved one man and will only leave once her father-in-law gets remarried. She also struggles to move on, herself. I found her character to be somewhat dull and lifeless and too rigid - except for when she was around her friends (and in-laws) So Hee and Se Hee. When they all got together and they'd laugh so much, her character just seemed to come to life. ^^ I also thought it was unfortunate that the drama didn't complete her story - so her story left me unsatisfied. I actually really liked Se Hee (Yoon So Yi), Yuri's (Wang Ji Hye) and So Hee's (Shin So Yool) storylines more.


~ Drama Specials ~

Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)

She plays Hyang Dan the servant girl of Chun Hyang and falls in love with the lead guy played by Choi Shi Won. This drama is very fun, lots of laughing - and the songs that those random women would sing were absolutely hilarious! I really enjoyed Siwon's character in this as well as the love story. ^^


Me Mom Dad Grandma and Anna (2013)

She plays a woman in a wheelchair who looks at life negatively but only when given the reasons to - I understood her and she wasn't completely wrong either. The story tells it from 3 different perspectives. It's worth watching as the story shows you what can happen in real life when you have misunderstandings, jealousy and anger. Imagination can become real if you let it. And her son witnesses the whole thing.


Snail Boarding House (2010)

She's a boarder at a boarding house and falls for a fellow boarder and they sorta raise a snail together. It's a cute short, sweet and not too deep drama special.


Snow Lotus (2015)

She plays the evil girlfriend, lol - the drama is about a love so strong it transcends space and time. 2 lovers from 1,000 years ago meet again through their dreams and finally into reality ^_^ I really enjoyed it.


~ Movies ~

Standing Sleeping Tree (2010)

In this, she meets and falls in love with a firefighter but her love is short-lasted after 5yrs of marriage and 1 kid her husband finds out that he is dying. Their love story is very realistic/natural and really sweet. It's a beautiful movie that is sure to bring you to tears. It's heartwarming and full of family, friendship, romance and sadness.


 ~ Gallery ~







~ Music Videos that she's starred in ~

Taemoo 태무 "Stars" - she's only in the very beginning before the song starts.

Taemoo 태무 "It Snows" - She's the main girl throughout this MV - it's beautiful but lonely and sad.

Eunhuul 은휼 "붙잡고 싶어질 테니까" - really nice ^_^ It captures you.

Fly to the Sky "I Love You" - This MV was so different it left me speechless and close to tears in the end.

Park Sang Min "The Day I Miss You" - Beautiful song about missing someone deep in your heart.


You can find more info on this actress here: Wikipedia

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I'll be looking forward to her future dramas!!! Hwaiting Seo Ji Hye!!!