by DreamingKoreanBallad, October 5, 2017

Lee Sang Yeob

Born: May 8, 1983

Height: 6'0" // 182cm

Weight: 67kg // 147lbs

Blood Type: B

An actor who has easily slipped into my heart after his role in Give Love Away. He is one of those actors who have the talent of drawing tears to my eyes when his eyes just start to mist up. If he cries, it is a 100% guarantee that I will cry. His playful charm and mature loyalty will draw you into his characters and make him unforgettable. I'm anxiously waiting for him to have more lead roles. He is absolutely endearing as an actor.



Top Star Yoo Baek (2018)

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

*upcoming* He will play a prosecutor-turned-lawyer in this drama who meets with Lee Jong Suk's character as they deal with a case... I wouldn't be looking forward to this drama as much if not for him being in this. ;)


 My Wife's Having an Affair this Week (2016)

He plays the co-worker and friend to the main lead. He's funny, kind, and embarrassed about a thing in his past. He's basically the comic relief in this drama as lots of his expressions and actions can be over-the-top at times - I loved his character and his friendship with the main lead. I also enjoyed his chumminess with his fellow co-worker ^_^ With any drama about "affairs", I'm the type who likes the ones that show you the negative sides of it and how it affects the people you are closest to, the damage it does and the lessons it will teach you, or the moral values it showcases. I enjoyed this drama even with its depressive atmosphere.


Bluebird House (2015)

A rich kid who learns about love when he meets a girl he falls hard for. He is best friends with her brother. He loves music but is forced to stop by his dad. He then enters his dad's company and learns how to become a real worker and leader. As with all family dramas, there is also a secret related to the main characters. I really loved his character, he was so playful, goofy, silly, adorable and charming! And I loved his relationship with Chae Soo Bin. ^^


Master: God of Noodles (2016)

He was my favourite character in this drama, his character and love line were the best things in this. He plays an orphan who grew up with 3 friends at an orphanage.  They have all suffered from violent crimes which affected their families and lead them to meet. He is a very loyal and trustworthy friend who will do anything (even place himself in dangermore than once) for his friendsto keep them safe and protect them. His friends mean the world to him, they became his family. He also coincidentally meets a girl whom he falls in love withtheir love story is so sweet but sad too. I cried by the end of this, it felt as if my soul had been crushed. The writers were just too cruel to me.


Give Love Away (2013)

I watched this drama with my mom as it was airing and we both immediately became attached to his character. I vividly remember a scene where he comes home and cries with his dad listening. That scene made my mom and me break into a torrent of tears T_T How could anyone make tears fall from this beautiful person? It broke our hearts. And the writers didn't let you leave with happiness either. I loved his character and his love line as well as a couple of his sisters. He sincerely deserved the best but the writers thought otherwise. Despite my absolute love for his character, this drama is not one of my favourites because of how it all ends. His character is nonetheless unforgettable.


Doctors (2016)


He comes in as an accident victim with his pregnant wife and makes you cry as you watch him struggle to save his wife and baby. His guest role was heart-wrenching.


Jang Ok Jung (2013)

I have not seen this one yet (to be honest, I'm not that interested in the storyline) so I don't really know about his character, but I read somewhere that he becomes interested in Ok Jung...


My Happy Home (2016)

He plays a cyborg in this drama but as you watch, you realize that's not all there is to the storythere is a bigger secret and it all unfolds little by little. I loved him but hated his wife. It's a drama special so there is only 1 episode.


The Innocent Man (2012)

A drama I watched without really paying attention to anyone but the two leads - I vaguely remember his character. When I was in my early drama watching years, I was just being introduced to actors so it was hard for me to acknowledge characters outside of the main couple.


Signal (2016)


He plays a bad guy in this drama, yet I couldn't help but enjoy his short time in this as he did an excellent job portraying his character. ^_^


You're Closer Than I Think (2017)

*upcoming* - "On their wedding day, a bride leaves a text message to the groom and she goes on their honeymoon alone. The groom tries to find his bride and learns something about her that he never expected."taken from this drama's description on MDL. It's a drama special and will air on September 17th.


I Live in Cheongdam-dong (2011), Her Style (2009), The Art of Seduction (2008) & The Greatest Thing in the World (2013) 


Bear (2018)

The movie is about a teacher who has a student asking about the disappearance of her friend. It's scheduled to be released at the very end of 2018 so we still have a long time to wait for this.


He is in a couple more movies but only as a supporting actor.







This will conclude my article on this gifted actor who I would personally love to start seeing in more lead roles!