by HappySqueak, January 19, 2017

A Throwback Thursday K-Movie Recommendation:

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)


After a fated paragliding mishap, male lead Hwang Ki Baek (Ha Suk Jin, you'll remember him as 'High Quality Trash' from Drinking Solo) meets Park Eun Ho (Eugene). She has modest roots and is a traditional Korean doll maker.


He is a rich kid but also a plastic surgeon with a haughty personality to match. But fate has them lined up.


*Please excuse the low-q screen grabs ^_^

First sight, first fight, and first (accidental kiss) are all within a couple minutes. There is no delay in things getting set up between them.

He can dish it, but this sassy girl serves it right back! Clearly they are a great match despite their differences.

After some comedic shenanigans they are en-route to get married.

However, their opposing and bizarre family members have other opinions. Boy, do they express them!

Show stealer Kim Soo Mi!! As Ki Baek’s wealthy mother Mal Nyeon, she entirely steals this movie with her zany manner of speaking, throwing in some exasperated English words. Her timing is spot on and you can’t help but smile every time she throws out her opinion.

Especially when rivaling against Eun Ho’s father in terms of whose child is better.

This Korean film is not mainly focused on the young couple per say, but gives plenty of screen time to the quirky family members.



An adaptation followed under the same title Unstoppable Marriage, a sitcom with a whopping 140 episodes. It has a similar vibe, where the eldest son falls in love with the daughter of his mother’s enemy.



Campy! Amusing! Although the film appears to have received various mixed reviews, if you dig an older romantic comedy this is definitely something to pass the time!