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by HappySqueak on February 16, 2017
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Currently Watching: Everyone’s Getting Married


Hey there, drama fans!

This 2017 Japanese drama is newly released with just a few episodes aired but here are some reasons why it’s worth checking out!

The story might sound familiar to you, especially if you followed the manga (with the story and art by Izumi Miyazono). It's always a sweet satisfaction when you see your manga OTP in a live action production, especially if they are well-cast and bring the chemistry of the written text to life through well-acted emotions.



Visually, the leads are an attractive pair that compliments each other nicely.

In most adaptations, while the main plot line of the story stays the same, there are some slight changes that aren't carried over from book to screen. But nevertheless, here we have a current adaptation!

It’s no surprise that the hot topic of this drama is marriage. This paves the way for lots of romance, drama, and character conflicts.


What is marriage and what does it mean to different people? Some marry for business gain, others because it is convenient, some marry out of love, some are forced into it, and others try to avoid it like the plague. There are many reasons why someone chooses to marry.

Marriage is one of the most important parts of life for our female lead, as she is at an age where she feels that she should be settling down, but she also has another very specific reason.   


Female lead Takanashi Asuka (played by Nishiuchi Mariya) is successful and talented at her job. But thanks to the sweet, warm and loving home she grew up in, her main goal is to put her success aside and become a full-time housewife. She wants to provide a similarly loving environment, a home oasis for her husband. However, her boyfriend of 5 years dumps her in the same spot they had their first date at, quite tactless on his part.


But this is the opening for a new love interest! Male lead Nanami Ryu (played by Yamamura Ryuta) fills that void when the two first meet, and when they repeatedly encounter each other after that.

While Asuka's friends also have different views on marriage – some are all for it, some comfortable the way they are, some already tying the knot, – Nanami is not sold on marriage. The stirring of conflict in their opinions forces them to think about the subject and come to understand each other.



Could they really be a compatible pairing?


They sure seem to run into each a lot because of their intertwining social circles.


These kinds of conflicts are interesting to watch, because who will accommodate whom and will they compromise for love?



The concept is sweet, and while it might have that familiar feeling we’ve seen before in other ‘marriage’ dramas, this drama is worth checking out!


There is also this strange habit of his. :)


If you give Everyone's Getting Married a try, let me know what you think.