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by HappySqueak on May 18, 2017
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This article will be short and sweet! I want to elaborate so much more on this story but currently, there are only four episodes out. Still, the concept is really intriguing.

Things in the present are not working out between male lead Shi Zhao Yu, played by Chou Nick, and Zhao Kai Jia, played by Meng Summer.

Zhao Yu ends up falling back in time thanks to a large clock which is connected to his youth, a regular meet-up place between him and his close circle of friends. When he realizes he has gone back in time, he is well aware that ‘being in the know’ gives him key opportunities to make changes that will better serve him in his future. Carrying the knowledge of his former adult self, his character has some decent depth.


It’s not much of a spoiler in the early episodes but actually, quite a surprising notion when the viewer discovers that not only has male lead gone back in time, but female lead, too, as we know by episode 2.

We understand this when he tries to tell her to ward off what you could call The Incident or the time that intimately brought them together, from happening again by telling her to avoid this situation.


She then asks him whether he traveled back as well.


When they come to this realization, it is easier for them to share their thoughts and new ambitions. However, it’s not as easy for Kai Jia who was very invested Zhao Yu both physically and emotionally.



It is hard for her to walk away from her future memories as she is often confused by his actions due to their close proximity.


Because no matter how hard she tries, they keep bumping into each other.


It probably doesn’t help that she had been taken in by his family and lives at Zhao Yu’s house. But it’s also hard for her to see him with another girl in their friend circle. You can really feel the bittersweetness in this female lead.

She's full of sadness that the guy she loves seems like he’s moving on so easily at first.


Forging her own path seems a little harder, but she's trying.


With a second chance to genuinely fall in love, this seems to be the direction the writer is taking the story and I love this concept. It also seems to have a light and moderately fluffy vibe for enjoyable watching.


With a potential second male lead in the story now, will Zhao Yu finally be able to figure out his true feelings? Or will Kai Jia slip away to another suitor in her new life plan to make changes for a positive outcome for herself?

Getting to start over from a certain point, both make some changes that no doubt will affect things when and if they return to the future.


The leads are well supported by a charming and youthful cast to feather out the story from the future and then back to the past.

Have you started watching this yet? Or are you waiting to binge-watch it later? With just one episode airing a week, fans will patiently have to wait for this story to unfold.