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by AnanyaS on May 25, 2017
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Han Se Ju - The Brilliant Writer


Han Se Ju (Yoo Ah In) is a very successful, best-selling author. He is the reincarnation of Hui Young, who lived in the 1930s. Han Se Ju has a prickly personality, which majorly comes from the fact that he was abandoned and betrayed when he was young. Because of this, he doesn't trust people easily. Even if someone does something for him, his first instinct is to doubt them, instead of being thankful. However, throughout the drama, his personality, slowly but steadily, improves a lot.

Yoo Jin Oh - The Ghostwriter


Yoo Jin (Go Kyung Pyo) is a character that's shrouded in mystery. Broadly speaking, he is described as the ghostwriter who works for Han Se Ju. But there's definitely more to him than that.

Jeon Seol - The [Anti (?)] Fan  

Jeon-Seol (Im Soo Yung), as she likes to call herself, is the 'number 1 fan' of Han Se Ju. Aside from fangirling over him, she runs a 'Do Anything' business. She is also a trained shooter and a vet, both of which careers she had to quit because of some reasons. Jeon Seol is the reincarnation of Ryu Soo Hyun, who was an expert sniper during the 1930s and was part of the rebel forces. 

Now, this is one thing I'm a bit confused about - according to the summary, Jeon Seol's character is supposed to be an anti-fan. However, it hasn't been shown so, so far in the drama. Unless it was supposed to be a very temporary matter. Then the description might be right.



The Cinematography is Just... Beautiful

Speaking on an overall note, the cinematography of this drama is simply amazing. The locations, the set, the camera angle - everything is shot perfectly.

My one favorite place in the drama is Han Se Ju's house. It is the dream place for every person who has ever loved books. It's a book heaven, to be precise. 



Yoo Ah In looks H.O.T. in the 1930s attire.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.



You'll Love the OT3

It's very rare to find the good OT3 (at least, that's the way it is for me). But this one is definitely a very likable one. No matter which century it is - may it be the 1900s or the 2000s, the OT3 will win your heart. Even if there are some...complications in their relationship in present times.

tumblr_opwfasquDI1qex6hmo2_540.gif  tumblr_op1pj52X2B1w785vro4_r1_400.gif

Yoo Jin Oh is Like a Cute Puppy

Yup, once again, a very puppy-like second lead has graced our screens. And I mean this in the cutest, adorable, and irresistible way.

The way he reacts to things, especially when watching variety shows and dramas, are so so cute. His interactions and mannerisms, overall, I really, really love it.

X3b00Wk1_58c3a5_f.jpg MLOOOAYL_f88f56_f.jpg

The OST Will Give You 'the feels

The music director of the drama is Nam Hye Seung, whose other popular works include Goblin, Jealousy Incarnate, The Good Wife, Queen In Hyeon's Man etc. The music of the drama gives off a haunting and melodic vibe. There have been four tracks released so far, each one beautiful and amazing in its own way. But one song that's stuck in my head is 'Satellite Love' by Saltnpaper. I don't know if it's the way they play the song in particular scenes, or something else, but every time I hear this song, I'm swept away with a nostalgic feeling. Needless to say, I'm completely in love with this song. 

The other songs, namely, 'Blooming Memories' by Baek Yerin, 'Writing Our Stories' by SG Wannabe and 'Be My Light' by Kevin Oh are just as addicting!

The 1930s Story is Just as Intriguing

When I first started the drama, for me, the 1930s story was just serving as a base for the present story. While it is that, it's also so much more. Now, I'm so much involved in the 1930s story. How did the fate of the three friends turn out? How did the OTP fall in love in the past? And a lot of more questions, which are slowly unraveled in each episode.

ct-dance-start.gif  ct-dance-2.gif

74Kee2YL_0844a8_f.jpg  l4jBBkb4_2f857f_f.jpg

The Bromance is Simply Adorable

If compared to other dramas, I won't say the bromance in this drama is very strong (not to say it's weak either). And yet, it manages to hit you right in the heart. The way Yoo Jin Oh follows Han Se Ju around. The way Han Se Ju sometimes seems bothered, and sometimes thankful because of Yoo Jin Oh. The way they interact with each other. Everything about this duo is just too cute.

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Because of the OTP

The persistent fan and the distrustful and brilliant writer. The push and pull story of these two is very interesting to watch. Not just in the present, but the past story, as well. 

And the kiss scenes...well, you gotta watch it to know it (^_~)

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And if nothing else convinces you, watch it for this guy (^_^)


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