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Viewers have anxiously been waiting to see if female lead Sang Mi (played by Seo Ye Ji) will be able to escape the unfortunate heavy indoctrination into a religious cult that her family falls into in the first episodes of Save Me.

A new family in town is approached by religious attendees and apostles of a local church who appear kind and helpful, but a darker, more ludicrous terror awaits the family as their poor situation unravels into tragedy early on.  

Corrupted with religious influence over his followers, the Spiritual Father has them eating out of the palm of his hand with access to drugs and closed-off rooms where 'followers' are put if they 'go astray.' The story starts to unfold into scary and off-putting scenarios as we see a religion which is typically known for love, peacefulness, and kindness fall into the wrong hands.


Reason #5: No Romance

Haha, could this even be a reason to watch a Kdrama!? So many drama fans love romance and might have to ponder if they want to follow a story without that dash of love written into it. 

Yet in this drama, the genres of thriller and crime, the dark family scenarios, mental abuse, and some physical violence is depicted by various characters. While this probably sounds quite heavy for a storyline, this drama is one that will have you rooting for Sang Mi to escape the sad destiny that is in store for her within the cult.


Reason #4: The Bros

These guys definitely have each others' backs. They have been friends for so long that their teamwork and adoration of each other seems to be able to overcome any obstacles, and when things get rough, they are there for each other! 

Part one of the dynamic duo of this bunch is Sang Hwan played by Ok Taec Yeon:

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Opposite handsome eye candy Woo Do Hwan in the fan favorite hero role of Dong Cheol.

While he may not have a lot of roles to his roster he is certainly melting hearts and quickly gaining fans with his attractive looks and strong portrayal of a tough guy with a generous heart.


Reason #3: Strong Female Lead

rescueme08-03991.jpg  sm_ep_7_4300.jpg?w=605&h=313

There have been a few dynamic and stronger than ever female leads in 2017. Despite the downward-spiraling situation, this girl is unbelievably strong throughout the drama. However, as a viewer, you might start to get anxious wondering how much more tragedy Sang Mi can put up with.

Her courage and inner strength and her will to save her mother, who is now in a drugged state, is proving difficult with the watchful apostles of the Spiritual Father always at her heels. Her father has slowly fallen into a state of belief that he does not realize he is hurting his own daughter.


Sang Mi’s last desperate attempt when all else fails is to reach out for help to the boys she knew briefly in high school.

Reason #2: The Real Vile Villain

Masquerading as doing the 'Almighty's' work, Spiritual Father Baek Jung Ki (played by Jo Sung Ha) is an opposing main character who gives off all kinds of creepy vibes, including a disturbing interest in Sang Mi.

The actor gives an exemplary performance in this role as you will be disgusted and start to dislike him the moment his hand touches her leg during a prayer in their first encounter.


Reason #1: Justice

While this drama is just a few episodes away from wrapping up, viewers are anticipating that justice will be heavily served, and we certainly hope so! Hopefully “our wishes will be fulfilled” and Sang Mi will be saved by these handsome guys!


This drama does contain some content that might not be suitable for younger viewers. 

Viewer discretion is advised.

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