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by AnanyaS on September 24, 2017
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It won't be a stretch to say that supporting characters, more often than not, get shadowed by the main characters. We (and I'm not excluding myself from this list) are too busy making heart eyes at our oppa(s) and noona(s) to pay attention to the supporting characters. But that's not completely our fault, is it? Main leads are meant to attract the viewers, they lead the story, while the supporting characters merely...well, support the story. Not to mention the fact that we get very few supporting characters that are, according to us, well-written and/ or well-executed.

But then, there are times where supporting characters steal the show. They shine as brightly as the main leads, or in some rare cases, even more. They bring their character to life in such a way that the viewer can't help but cheer them on, it doesn't matter if they're in positive or negative roles.

Here is my list of such 11 supporting characters who have made their way into my heart!

Note: Possible minor spoilers for Behind Your Smile (TW-drama)


If you ask me to give you one reason why I liked Eun Soo (Shin Hye Sun) as much as I did, I won't be able to. Because I honestly don't know why I liked her character, I just know that I did. She ended up becoming one of my favorite characters along with the main leads.



I knew I was going to love Do In Bum (Yang Se Jong) the minute he barged into the hospital and did the operation on a patient in a critical situation. He put saving someone's life above anything else. I loved watching him grow as a doctor and as a person. He learned from his mistakes and from the people around him. 

And the teeny-tiny bromance he had going on with Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) certainly was fun to watch!



As much as I am a fan of the whole friends-to-lovers trope, it gets a bit tiring to watch when practically every guy in every drama (of this storyline) is in love with his best friend. Especially, when the sole purpose of that whole one-sided love is to create unnecessary competition for the male lead. So I found Jiang Yi Sheng (Huang Ming) a male character who wasn't in love with his girl best friend, a breath of fresh air.

He was one of the best best-friends I've seen in a drama (excluding the main lead best friends, 'cause of course we're going to like them). He was always there for his friend. From consoling her to giving her love-related advice, he did everything for her.

And he was so funny!



I really enjoyed watching Xiao Yue's (Yang Esther) scenes with Xin Yu (Liu Eugenie). Their friendship didn't start with the noblest intentions, but at the end, they both gained a true friend. I loved the fact that Xiao Yue always provided Xin Yu the courage, the motivation that she so desperately needed to grow as a person. 

When they pulled out the 'friends falling for the same guy' cliché, I just about slammed my head into a wall. Ah, here it comes, I thought, the frustrating, unnecessary scenes. But surprisingly, the writers managed to pull it off in a non-irritating way. She always chose her friend first. She knew the fact that he was never going to fall in love with her and she accepted that with a straight face, instead of whining and bitching about it.

And I loved at the end when she said to Xin Yu, "If I have to choose between love and friendship, of course, I'll choose friendship." While it may not be the best decision in every such situation, it was with this one and I'm glad that she was able to accept that and move on.



Liang Liang (Wang Molly) was one of the strongest second female lead (although as a supporting character) I've seen. I mean, honestly speaking, she was better than the female lead! She wasn't just strong mentally, but physically as well. 

I loved how she was always the one protecting her boyfriend XD



The main reason I loved Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) was that of the unpredictability of his character. Seriously! Even till the last episode, I had no idea if he was a positive character or a negative one. He swung between the two characteristics like a pendulum, leaving the viewers in confusion.

I remember while I was watching his scenes, one second I would be scared that he was going to ruin everything, then praising him and then back to being scared again. And on and on, it went until everything was settled. Perhaps, I'm over-exaggerating it, I'm not sure. But what I do remember with certainty is that I really enjoyed watching his character on-screen!

Oh, and who could forget his retelling of the fairytale 'My Little Mermaid'

"The mermaid princess goes up to the land and falls in love with the prince. And the witch gave her legs, but after midnight, they turned back to a tail, and she couldn't wear her glass shoes, and the prince was searching for the owner of the shoes..."


(Honestly, can you guess from his mysterious smile, whether he's a good or a bad guy?)


P' Suki...ah, what to say? This guy was simply amazing! He's actually my second favourite character in the show ( the first one is very obviously Jee).  

He wasn't just a manager to Jee (Sperbund Urassaya), he was her brother, her friend and her well-wisher. He was ready to pay back anyone who hurt or degraded Jee. He was always there for her, consoling her, cheering her, and ready to tell her that no matter what he was always going to be by her side. And I loved him for that.



I'm not sure how much I could say about Cheol Shik (Jo Jae Yun) before it becomes a spoiler. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But since this is a thriller/suspense drama, the last thing I want to do is to spoil the drama for anyone. So let's just say that I loved his character, and everyone who has watched this would probably understand why.

Let me just say this though *Highlight to reveal Spoiler* I think he was the perfect-perfect partner for Jeong Woo in his fight to claim his innocence *Spolier*



Oh, I so loved Cheon Sang (Kang Ki Young) (And his bromance with In Rang, it's still one of my favourites!) He is simply one of the funniest supporting characters to ever grace our screens. He would try anything and everything to entice Bong Pal (Ok Taec Yeon) to join his ghost-hunting club. What would usually follow are some of the funniest situations that had me laughing out loud.

Actually, Kang Ki Young is one of my favourite supporting actors (I've actually loved all of his roles that I've seen. But I couldn't include all of his characters here, simply because the list would be too long.) He's one of the actors that can make any role appealing to the audience, no matter how big or small it is. I sincerely hope he keeps getting bigger and better roles!



Everyone who watched Goblin, no matter whether you loved it or hated it, most probably enjoyed watching Deok Hwa (Yook Sung Jae). How could you not love him? He was absolutely lovable! His obsession with his credit card was beyond funny!

But my love for him is not merely because he was funny, although it is a major part. It's because of the way Sung Jae portrayed him, he made it hard not to love his character.

And who doesn't remember his famous dialogue :p

"Every chaebol should experience amnesia at least once in his life"


tumblr_oiudozOND91vem8apo6_r1_400.gif?w=   tumblr_oj3zo71bzq1w1bsr8o3_400.gif


Chief Kim is one of the dramas where I loved the entire cast. But if I had to pick one character that I absolutely loved, (aside from the main leads) it would be Myung Seok (Dong Ha). 

I admit the guy was a brat. But come on, he was hilarious! I always looked forward to his scenes. The way he was so obviously scared of Kim Sung Ryong (Nam Goong Min) was funny. His 'bromance' with Sung Ryong was the first bromance of this drama that I loved. 

But I loved him, even more, when he slowly but steadily improved. His character is one of the best examples of character development in a drama. The way he became a person who did the right thing was a delight to watch!

And I loved his Tanzanian! XD

Dong Ha has become an actor to look out for and I hope we'll get to see him in a main role soon. The guy deserves it!



Of course, if it comes down to it, there has been a lot of supporting characters that I liked watching. But these are the ones that left a mark on my mind.

On a side note, if you noticed the very obvious absence of Jdrama characters, it's simply because I haven't gotten a chance to watch a lot of Jdramas yet.

Thanks for reading!

 Which supporting characters are on your favourites list? Do comment!

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