by Drama_woman, February 12, 2020

Fairyland Lovers

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy 

So ready to start this drama as soon as I saw the blurb and cast! There's something about fantastical worlds that draws me in. More-so if it interacts with our human world. So you'll see past and present, and just how different the characters look. And perhaps their personality? Who knows! You'll have to watch to find out!

Brief world summary

Earth is spinning, stars are shining, and suddenly figures from another world end up here, too. This is in the past, and no one seems to really have noticed. Their spacecraft shatters, and each piece brings out the worst of people's obsessions, really taking them down a dark and lonely path. These new arrivals live a long time, call themselves Heavenly Soldiers, and seek to collect these shattered pieces. But those obsessed become Spirits and also live a long time. Now, thousands of years have passed, and we follow Bai Qi, a spiritual doctor that is the only one that can guide these Spirits to let go of their obsessions and become mortal again. 

Main leads

Johnny Bai (Bai Yu) plays Bai Qi: spiritual doctor and so much more.
Zheng Qiu Hong plays Lin Xia: bubbly up-and-coming actress that excels at side characters and extras! Come one, come all!

Ji Xiao Bing plays Yang Jian: a faultlessly honest heavenly soldier that's just trying to do what's right.
Estelle Chen plays Xiao Xiao: popular actress and famous figure that works at the same company as Lin Xia.

Past and similar projects: Why the hype?

You may have seen this drama popping up long before it aired. And when it did air, the hype! But why? Well,

1) we finally have a fantasy drama, for one, that's also historical. These had been put on the back-burner, so it's good to see them again! 

2) Bai Yu, who is most famous for three particular roles and blasts us away again. Some viewers just can't get over his character from Love O2O, and I was the same! It was tough to see him as anyone else. Then, Memory Lost showed us such a different character, and we could put his other character to rest, or at least I could. But what blew everyone away was his role in Guardian. He nailed it. And the set-up for this drama that's also in a fantasy world can't help but make you crave for another stellar performance. Is there something about historical flashbacks that particularly suit him? I think so!

Love O2O
Memory Lost


3) Ji Xiao Bing played Zhan Yao in S.C.I. as a crime investigation duo and Ji Xiao Bing's first main role in a drama! I've been waiting for him in another main role, and this is pretty close! This time he's the lead of the secondary couple. 

Romance for both couples

So this is a fantasy-romance drama. When you look for an unusual romance within this world, you may think of Spirits, Heavenly Soldiers, Spiritual Doctor or Reincarnation. Well. What about the modern aspect? World-wearied but innocent first love? Or perhaps a fish-out-of-water guy that takes everything literally and a famous star? I'm glad to say both these couples will be covered some way or another.

I love this image because it really sums up Bai Qi at this moment as well as Lin Xia. She's gotta look after her image because she's an up-and-coming actress. Then we look at Bai Qi, and he's just a guy and his plant.

There's also a long line of spirit-obsessed people that have their own stories to delve into what drove their obsession. Was it a romance that went wrong? Was it a betrayal or some intervention that caused major misunderstandings? Or was there no misunderstanding but just wanting to stay in the past? This drama has you covered!

Adapting to the modern age

I feel bad for Yang Jian when he comes across something so foreign to him, and he doesn't know how to react. If this were a game, he would be the one NPC that lags and has a "loading" message above his head. Or even an AFK. There's a lot thrown at him! Not only has the world changed since he saw it last, culturally and the way people use language. You can see him adapting to long letters and a polite discourse. Give him a phone or social media, and I just don't think he'll be able to wrap his head around what to do or say. His inherent honesty and kindness really do make it tough for him to live in this new world. What does that say about how our society has changed and what ideals we value? His interactions with people always give you food for thought.

On the plus side, what wonderful new inventions and foods he can now try! Isn't technology wonderful?

Art style and Sword Fights

So Spirits and Heavenly Soldiers are enemies. If the spirit doesn't have their obsession, what reason is there to exist? Ouch. It's "do or die", and they can fight! The Heavenly Soldiers' only chance to go home and stop this world from descending into madness is to reclaim the shattered pieces of their ship. It grants incredible power to humans, but what power comes without a price? So we have sword fights! And, how would you fight in the modern age with cameras everywhere? We get to see this ongoing battle of individuals.

So that's it for now, and it'll finish airing this week! Have you been watching it every week or are you ready to marathon as soon as it's complete? Let us know in the comments below!

What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

Thanks for reading!

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