by lo_ve, January 12, 2024

Han Chae Ah will be part of the upcoming K-drama Let's Get Caught by the Neck led by Kim Ha Neul.

On January 12, Han Chae Ah's agency confirmed that the actress will be part of the cast of the upcoming KBS2 K-drama Let's Get Caught by the Neck

This will be Han Chae Ah's second upcoming K-drama for the year. Aside from Let's Get Caught by the Neck, Han Chae Ah is also set to star in the upcoming series It’s You, Out of the Blue which will be led by Jung Yong Hwa, Hong Seung Hee, Lee Yi Kyung, and Park You Na

In 2023, Han Chae Ah played a supporting role in the historical SBS K-drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.

Han Chae Ah is known for being part of the K-dramas The Golden Spoon, The Merchant: Gaekju 2015, You Are The Only One, Marry Him If You Dare, The Bridal Mask, and more. 

Let's Get Caught by the Neck will base its story on the popular Naver web novel by Nyureoki. The K-drama will showcase the journey of an investigative reporter of a current affairs program "Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar" who will get accused of murder.  

Han Chae Ah will be working with confirmed main leads Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Je Moon, Jung Woong In, and Jung In Ki.

The upcoming series will be directed by Lee Ho Jae (Recipe for Farewell). The script will be penned by Bae Soo Young. It will be produced by Monster Union Productions. 

Han Chae Ah will portray the role of Yoo Yoon Young, a psychiatrist in the series. She is the director of the Department of Mental Health Medicine and has great empathy and understanding of the pain of others. She will work closely with Kim Ha Neul's character Seo Jung Won as a consultant. 

Let's Get Caught by the Neck is set to begin airing this March. The K-drama will exclusively premiere on KBS. 


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