by lo_ve, May 22, 2024

After recently starring as an instructor and doctor, Jung Kyung Ho will take on a new challenge and portray the role of a lawyer in Labourer Noh Moo Jin

On May 22, it was officially confirmed that actor Jung Kyung Ho will lead the upcoming MBC K-drama Labourer Noh Moo JinHe will portray the role of labor lawyer Noh Moo Jin who can see ghosts and help their problems. 

Labourer Noh Moo Jin is a fantasy comedy K-drama that revolves around a lawyer who helps solve the labor problems of ghosts. 

The upcoming K-drama will be the collaboration work of director Im Soon Rye, who is known for creating the films The Point Men, Little Forest, and The Whistleblower, and writer Kim Bo Tong (D.P. and The King of the Desert). 

Aside from Jung Kyung Ho, Seol In Ah and VIXX's Cha Hak Yeon will also reportedly join the upcoming K-drama. 

Labourer Noh Moo Jin will be part of the Friday and Saturday K-drama timeslot of MBC and it will officially premiere in 2025. 

This will be the follow-up work of Jung Kyung Ho after starring in the 2023 hit K-drama Crash Course in Romance with Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Bong Ryun, Oh Eui Shik, Shin Jae Ha, and Roh Yoon Seo.

The actor will also star in the upcoming movie Boss with Jo Woo Jin, Park Ji Hwan, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Oh Dal Soo.

This year, he made a special cameo appearance in the K-drama Wedding Impossible that was led by Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, and Kim Do Wan

Jung Kyung Ho is known for being part of the hit K-dramas Hospital Playlist, Life on Mars, Prison Playbook, Missing 9, and more.


Are you excited to see Jung Kyung Ho as a lawyer in the new K-drama Labourer Noh Moo Jin?