by lo_ve, January 19, 2023

Kim Hee Sun will reportedly star in the upcoming K-drama "Gaslighting" (working title).

On January 19, news outlets revealed that Kim Hee Sun will be the main lead of the upcoming k-drama "Gaslighting. According to reports, she will be playing the role of a psychological counselor. 

Kim Hee Sun's side gave a response to the circulating reports. According to the representative of the actress, Kim Hee Sun did receive the offer to appear in the new K-drama "Gaslighting" and she is positively reviewing. 

"Gaslighting" will revolve around Korea's best psychological counselor named Young Won and her mother-in-law Sa Kang. The two will have to confront each other's secrets and truths because of their husband and son. 

The upcoming k-drama will be the next work of director Kim Seung Woo ("Bring Me Home") and writer Nam Ji Yeon ("So I Married An Anti-Fan"). 

There is no confirmed information yet on the broadcast channel and date of the upcoming series "Gaslighting." The casting lineup is also still under discussion.

In 2022, Kim Hee Sun appeared in two K-dramas and one film. She led the Netflix original series "Remarriage and Desires" with Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, Cha Ji Yeon, and Kim Yun Seo. She also starred in the fantasy K-drama "Tomorrow" and the horror film "Seoul Ghost Stories." 

If Kim Hee Sun confirmed her casting for "Gaslighting," this will be her first k-drama for 2023. The actress is also set to join the upcoming movie "Sweet and Warm" with Yoo Hae Jin, Jin Seon Kyu, Han Sun Hwa, Cha In Pyo, and Jung Da Eun.

Kim Hee Sun is known for leading the K-dramas "Alice," "Room No. 9," "Woman of Dignity," "Angry Mom," "Faith," "Sad Love Story," "My Fair Lady," "Son of the Wind," and more. 


Which actress should work alongside Kim Hee Sun and play the role of the mother-in-law in "Gaslighting"?