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Many celebrities will have a story about how they achieved their success. Some celebrities may have had different dreams, others may have had many jobs or trained for many years to get to where they are today. Today, I will introduce to you Korean actors and actresses past careers before they entered the entertainment industry. 

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Ji Jin Hee

Before Ji Jin Hee entered the entertainment industry in 1999, he worked as a visual designer and photographer for an advertising company. He was scouted by SidusHQ. Ji rejected the offer at first to pursue an acting career because he was satisfied with his current job. He later changed his mind but was laid off by his agency because of the IMF financial crisis

Recent Dramas: Undercover, Designated Survivor: 60 DaysMisty

Another actor worked as a graphic designer, but I decided not to add him to this article. :)

Won Bin

Before Won Bin entered the entertainment industry in 1997, he worked as a mechanic after just graduating from a mechanical high school. It was his childhood dream to become a mechanic because of his fascination with car racing and motorcycling (motorbikes). In November 1995, a cable television station was looking for new actors and actresses. Won Bin applied and was accepted. He would take acting classes at the cable stations headquarter's and was later signed to an agency.

Dramas: Friends, Autumn TaleTough Guy's Love 

Jin Ki Joo

Before Jin Ki Joo entered the entertainment industry in 2014, she worked for Samsung SDS as an office worker. Jin later decided that she wanted to become a reporter. She trained to become a reporter under SBS. When she became a reporter, she decided she wanted to become an actress instead, which is the career she has today.

Recent Dramas: Oh! Samgwang Villa, The Secret Life of My SecretaryCome and Hug Me

 Kim Nam Joo

Before Kim Nam Joo entered the entertainment industry in 1994, she worked temporarily as a Seol Village Office Employee during her sophomore year at university. During her sophomore year, she entered the Miss Korea pageant. Her experience led her to pursue a modelling career in September 1992. Kim won fourth place in a talent search by SBS in 1994, which led to the acting career she has today.

Recent Drama: Misty 

Yoon Sang Hyun 

Before Yoon Sang Hyun made his onscreen debut in 2005 at the age of 32, he worked as a restaurant manager. The restaurant is located in front of an all-girls high school.

Recent Dramas: 18 Again, Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The SunsetMs. Perfect

Sung Hoon 

Before Sung Hoon entered the entertainment industry in 2009, he was a professional swimmer - specializing in butterfly stroke. Sung was a swimming champion at his university. After 14 years of training, a spinal injury led to him to quit the sport in his early 20s. 

Recent Dramas: Level Up,  Picked Up a Star on the RoadMy Secret Romance 

Seo Ji Suk

Before Seo Ji Suk entered the entertainment industry in 2001, he was a professional sprinter. Seo won 4 gold medals from a variety of sports during his high school days. When he was 16, he was chosen to be a member of the national team. In 1999, at age 18, he was hit by a car while crossing the street. He was hospitalized for 6 months. The injuries prevented him from continuing his athletic career. While working a part-time job, he was scouted by a talent manager which led to his acting career he has today.

Recent Dramas: Somehow Family, Unknown Woman 

I decided to also add information on Korean actors and actresses who were Athlete's when they were children.

Actor / Actress 
Song Hye KyoFigure Skater
Han Chae YoungFigure Skater
Kang Dong WonSoccer
Lee Min HoSoccer
Song Joong KiShort Track Speed Skating
So Ji SubSwimmer
Shin Sung RokBasketball Player

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