by lo_ve, September 15, 2023

Kwon Hyun Bin and rising actress Song Ji Woo will be added to the cast of the upcoming K-drama Andante of Love.

On September 14, it was officially confirmed that Kwon Hyun Bin and Song Ji Woo would be joining Hwang Seung Eon, 2 AM's Im Seul Ong, Oh Ha Nee, and Tak I On in the upcoming fantasy romance K-drama Andante of Love.

Andante of Love will be helmed by director Min Doo Shik (My Only Love Song, Click Your Heart, and Jungle Fish 2) and writer Kim Yu Na. 

The upcoming K-drama is set in the background of South and North Korea creating a Peace Village Project in the DMZ area after the war has ended. In the series, South and North Korea officially ended the Korean War after 70 years. In the series, South and North Korean people will live together in one village for a year. 

Kwon Hyun Bin will play the role of Lim Joo Hyung, a world-renowned pianist. The actor shared that after receiving the script for the upcoming series, he fell in love with the character that was offered to him. He also shared that he wanted to be part of the K-drama because of its touching story. 

Song Ji Woo on the other hand will play the role of Hana Kyung. She is a doctor of pharmacy and an elite daughter of a North Korean official. Contrary to her appearance, she is rational and realistic. The actress also expressed her confidence in playing the role of Hana Kyung. According to Song Ji Woo, she could do well with the character because it has a lot of similarities to her personality.

Andante of Love will begin filming in the middle of September. It will premiere on SBS Film and it will air in the second half of 2023.

This will be the second K-drama of Kwon Hyun Bin for 2023. The actor also appeared in the series Pandora: Beneath the Paradise as Cha Pil Seung. He will also join the upcoming K-drama 4 Minutes 44 Seconds

Meanwhile, this will be the fourth K-drama of Song Ji Woo for the year. She recently appeared on the Netflix original K-drama A Time Called You. She also participated in the series The Glory Part 2 and Love to Hate You.


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