by lo_ve, May 10, 2021

 Park Hae Joon confirmed to return to the drama scene with the upcoming JTBC drama "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet"

Reports reveal on May 10th that Park Hae Jin will work alongside director Im Tae Woo ("Sketch" and "Yoo Na's Street") and writer Park Hee Kwon who co-wrote the JTBC drama "The Third Charm" for the new JTBC drama "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet.”

 "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet" will unfold the story of a middle age man in his 40s who's forced to do his best on duty. The upcoming drama will be very different from his known work "The World Of The Married.” "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet" will be a comedy genre drama.

Park Hae Joon will take on the role of Nam Geum Pil. His character is said to be an old man in his 40s who quit his job at the company and became unemployed. The story will revolve as he try to live with his principle of  "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet.”

Park Hae Joon previously appeared in the hit 2020 drama "The World of the Married" with Kim Hee Ae and Han So Hee. This drama made him well known to the public. He was scouted to take part in the Korean remake of Netflix's "Money Heist" but due to schedule conflicts, he declined the offer. "I Just Haven't Done My Best Yet" will be the actor's first drama project for 2021. Meanwhile, he was also cast in several movies such as "Emergency Declaration,” "The Eighth Night,” "Mathematician in Wonderland,” and "Jung Family's Farm.”

Before rising to greater fame through "The World of the Married,” he took part in the dramas "Arthdal Chronicles Part 1: The Children of Prophecy,” "My Mister,” "Misaeng: Incomplete Life,” "Doctor Stranger,” and more.


Are you excited to see Park Hae Joon do a comedy drama?