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 Premiere Recap: Doom at Your Service (2021)

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Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, 

cast, teasers, trailers, or any other information known to the large public. 

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Also known as One Day Destruction Came Through My Front Door  

Airs On:  Monday & Tuesday  | Country: South Korea | Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. 

It will also be airing with English subtitles in high quality on Viki.

10.000 hours never seem to be enough for a person who lives a hard life; always feeling like walking on the edge of a cliff. 

For instance, Tak Dong Kyung has been walking a dangerous and unlucky path in life for as long as ever. She remained an orphan, during her childhood, because of a dreadful accident that took away the lives of her beloved parents. As if that tragedy wasn't enough, a few years later, she finds out that a brain tumor will consume her days with much deeper despair and even faster, as her life now has an undetermined countdown. So, with all the anger and disbelief that's been bottled up inside her, for all these years, she shouts out a powerful curse: "Let the whole world come to an end. Bring doom to everything!" 

This time, her only wish gets to be fulfilled most peculiarly, as Myeol Mang (Doom) himself, a medium between humans and gods, appears out of the blue, knocking at her door, the very next minute. From that moment, Dong Kyung decides to form a 100 days contract with him so she can fulfill her unfinished tasks, along with resolving her most painful regrets. As fate starts to take away his course, Myeol Mang slowly begins to discover new feelings he never even thought of, but their relationship will end up putting at stake the very own safety of the human world because the balance between their realms is being gravely shaken up!

Park Bo Young as Tak Dong Kyung

“A human who puts love on the line to avoid vanishing.”

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

Park Bo Young will finally take on the challenge of a more serious and mature role, after a 2 years hiatus from acting in dramas. Here's what she continued to say: “Dong Kyung only has 100 days left to live, and I think her charms are shown in her process of filling up the remaining parts of her life. It is impressive how she frankly and confidently makes decisions that would have been difficult if I was in that same position.” She added: “It’s fun because overall Dong Kyung has many similarities in personality with me.” (Translation source: here)

Sacrificing everything for life and love, always comes with a price, as the wheel of fate is ever turning for everyone. Dong Kyung is a kind and gentle soul filled with curiosity and passion when it comes to editing. Although her life is scarred with tragic events and unlucky timings that keep rolling her way, her pureness and overwhelming light will continue to shine and brighten up her surroundings, even by half, as she desperately tries to fight off her everyday hurdles and hardships. Along the way, at some point, destiny sends her a bizarre response to all her unanswered questions through Myeol Mang (Doom) himself.

Details in Korean about her character can be found on Twitter.

(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Seo In Guk as Kim Sa Ram / "Myeol Mang"

“The being that is the reason for everything that vanishes.”

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

This time around, Seo In Guk will be portraying Myeol Mang, as a very mysterious being that gives off a powerful and spooky vibe since his world lacks warmth and light. Even though he is a cold and determined force to be reckoned with, he's also actually trapped by the very own laws of the Universe since forever: keeping in order the balance of light and darkness, versus controlling good and evil. But everything starts to take an odd turn when he meets a small and unlucky human, Tak Dong Kyung. 

The actor, himself, expressed some concerns about this character: “Myeol Mang range of emotions was always a concern for me”, and “In my acting, I’m mainly focusing on expressing the emotions that come with Myeol Mang’s age—his actual age is unknown—while repressing the boredom and coldness with which he approaches everything. The director and writer told me that they’d like Myeol Mang to be a character who encompasses every type of charm, who is cool, sexy, naive, cute, and frosty at the same time.”  (Translation source: here)

Details in Korean about his character can be found on Twitter.(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

The entire crew from this enchanting production is included here: Cast

Want to know more about the relationships between the characters? 

Then read more from Soompi!

 “What is the one and only wish in your life?”

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

Seo In Guk, Kang Tae Oh, Park Bo Young, Lee Soo Hyukand Shin Do Hyun will form a solid main casting for this story that will light up our monotonous life, with ethereal purple starry skies that are filled with marvel and intrigue for the chapters yet to unfold as this production has in stored lots of mysterious twists with the gradual development.

“I prayed for ruin and love came in.”

(English poster source: and quote source: Soompi)

This teaser poster truly leaves the viewers speechless because it has imprinted the strong vibe of falling into the abyss of true and powerful love, against all odds, be it earthly or divine, simply letting one's soul soaring and floating on the clouds, reflecting a wonderful sea of stars into each other's eyes!

Note: More details on how these gorgeous posters were created, 

along with a video from behind the scenes can be found at Soompi!

The first teaser shows the darker and thrilling side of this drama:

(Official video and photo source: Viu Singapore on YouTube)

On the other side, this teaser shows a more romantic and 

dramatic part, intertwined with comedy:

(Official photo and video source: Viu Singapore on YouTube)

 “Let’s pray for destruction. Love is here.”

(Poster source tvN 드라마 on Twitter and quote source: Soompi)

The latest poster evokes a marvelous contrast between life and destruction, 

that could also signify the thin barrier of deep hatred and pure love, 

along with an ever-blooming storm of bursting feelings!

Note: This drama will be produced by Studio & NEW!

Here is a fun sneak peek of the first official script reading:

(Official video and photo source: Viu Singapore on YouTube)

More details regarding this script reading can be found at Soompi.

In conclusion, a truly exciting multi-genre story awaits you, starting on 10th May!

The final touches are 3 self-selected songs, combined with 4 Chinese dramas 

and 11 upcoming Korean stories, as recommendations 

for May, according to MyDramaList:  Song: Dream On by BTS (TinyTAN) 

Here are some details about this melody, according to Koreaboo!

(Screenshot source: Koreaboo) (Official video source: BANGTANTV on YouTube)

The Korean recommendations video is hosted by:  HappySqueak!

This sweet candy poster with Spring air is from Ni Chang (2021).

Song: She by Jake Scott [Official Lyrics Video]

"She’s the light in a dark room

When she smiles with her eyes

It’ll hold you
And you know in a moment
You’ll never walk away
She’s never been one to hold back
If there’s something on her mind
You’re gonna know that
And you’re gonna wanna listen
To everything she’ll say

She’s a bullet that’s about to fire
She’s the steady that’ll keep you sane
If loves a fool then I’m a liar
I know she’s the only way..."

(Lyrics source: and official music video 

source: Jake Scott on YouTube)

Where is available to see with English and multiple languages subtiles:

Viki,  捷成华视—偶像剧场 Idol & Romance on YouTube and Fresh Drama on YouTube!

This summery still image is from the amazingly 

comical historical romance Love Like White Jade (2021).

Song: Feel Something by Isak Danielson 

"Sometimes I wish we never met

Feel all the things that I never felt

And if love would come too easy don't go easy on me, baby
I want you to push me far away
Then come up with reasons for me to stay
And if love would come too easy
Don't go easy on me, baby

I need to know that this love is real
Just make me feel something
'Cause now there's too much space in between
Just make me feel something
Anything at all to keep me hanging on
Open up my heart, make it hurt some more
Need to know that this love is real
Just make me feel something..."

(Lyrics source  and 

official audio source: Isak Danielson on YouTube)

Where is available to watch with English subtitles: 

MGTV Drama Channel on YouTube up to episode 24

and MGTV's website up to episode 24, for now.

The most awaited and sweetest romance tale for this Spring is:

Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard (2021)

(Poster source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

It Will be airing with English subtitles, 

on 26th April at WeTV, Tencent Video on YouTube, and Viki.

A heartwarming tale about family, love, and elderly care, 

takes place at "Sunshine House" in Octogenarian and the '90s (2021)

(Poster source: Huaceinfo on Twitter)

Now available with English subtitles at:

 Viki and China Huace TV on YouTube.

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Hu Yi Tian participated in a Spring photoshoot set in Shanghai!

(Photos source:  Weibo)

Wishing everyone, a warm and wonderful Spring with: Youth of May (2021)

(GIF images source: thejingshi on Tumblr)

Airing on May 3rd, soon available with English subtitles at Viki.

This sweet and tender moment is from River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

Lastly, see surprising behind-the-scenes footage with cherry blossoms below!

(GIF image source:  Kdramaislifeu on Tumblr) | (Official video source: 빅토리콘텐츠 on YouTube)

[This article was loosely inspired by my first News Diary article that has a historical theme]. 

Happy International Workers' Day from Liang Jie!

(Photo source: Huaceinfo on Twitter)

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