by Staff Team, January 31, 2018

Winter is currently in full swing for most countries so we have decided to introduce you to our favourite Asian dramas that revolve around winter or simply take place during this coldest season.

Let's begin!

devitto (editor) recommends:

Nankyoku Tairiku

(Japan, 2011)

It's the year 1957. In a last effort to prove to the world that Japan does indeed have the ability to keep up with other countries despite the damages they took during World War II, a group of scientists is chosen to go on the trip of their life: to set up the nation's first research base on the continent of Antarctica. The crew around mountaineer turned dog trainer Kuramochi Takeshi (played by Kimura Takuya) is accompanied by the real heroes of the show, 22 Sakhalin huskies.

This drama shines through its production quality, realism, and raw emotions. Prepare your tissues and prepare for a marathon – once you start, this drama will have you hooked.

Fun fact: I watched Nankyoku Tairiku back in 2012 but still remember the dogs' names. That's how impressive they were. Enjoy!

azyjtevol (editor) recommends:

 Gong Hyo Jin as Pyo Na Ri x Jo Jung Suk as Lee Hwa Shin

Jealousy Incarnate

(South Korea, 2016)

*This drama goes through summer/fall/winter should be qualified right? hehe, '^^*

Weather forecaster Pyo Na Ri has a crush over anchor Hwa Shin (meaning ''Incarnate'' and being a wordplay with the title) for now 3 years. He is very talented in his domain and she definitely admires and envies his abilities. As they are coworkers everyone is aware of that one-sided crush…even Hwashin himself. Then comes Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo), Hwashin's best friend, a young successful chaebol that is quite perfect actually. He takes interest in Na Ri and that’s when the love triangle begins! Who will she choose? Hwashin? Jung Won? What about both? haha

I simply loved this drama because it had a lot of unexpected twists to it as it tackled a few taboo subjects. The OSTs and sound effects were just so well fitting. The directing was pretty incredible and meaningful with how it was using its surroundings and also the cinematography was top notch~ Do I even have to mention the acting? The chemistry between these two above was incomparable! There's also an adorable bromance that takes place :D

PS: There’s also Seo Ji Hye as a badass character and Kim Jung Hyun in his drama debut! Just saying :P & If the drama's length (24 episodes) is what makes you hesitate about starting the drama, don’t worry there’s no dragginess and you’ll end up wanting more by the end of the show ;) 

BrightestStar (editor) recommends:

Family's Form

(Japan, 2016)

I can't say it has anything that stands out, but more of a number of things coming together in harmony giving us this heartwarming fun dorama. The drama is really about bringing people together. As the title indicates, the drama is about the ever-changing form a family takes as time goes on and how we find ways to adapt to every upcoming change. Light watch, definitely worth it.

Ceki (editor) recommends:


(Japan, 2017)

Quartet is probably one of the most praised doramas of 2017, it even won 6 awards at the TV Drama Academy Awards!

To cut the summary short - the story follows four very quirky and unique characters who form a quartet. What I really loved was that they probably wouldn't even have met in normal circumstances but the love for music got them together and allowed them to become really good friends.

So yes, one of the drama's messages is - music is really powerful and uplifting! Throughout the episodes, we explore each character's mysterious past and what made them become who they are today. 

If you would love to watch some really witty and humorous banter with enough feels to pull your heartstrings, all while listening to some really nice music, go for it! The cast is also to die for (Mitsushima Hikari, Matsuda Ryuhei, Matsu Takako and Takahashi Issei).

Fun fact: the ending theme is really catchy, make sure to listen to it! xxx

zeamays (editor) recommends:

Solomon's Perjury

(South Korea, 2016)

On the day after Christmas, a student is found lifeless in a snowdrift on school property.  His classmates set out to solve the mystery of his death in the cold weeks that follow, facing opposition from the faculty and staff, parents, and even other students.  Seo Yeon, the drama’s smart and motivated heroine, and Ji Hoon, the outwardly perfect but mysterious outsider, conduct a trial to get to the bottom of things.  Solomon’s Perjury definitely showcases the icy and dark side of the season, touching on issues such as mental illness, bullying, and corruption.

Bonus: Seo Yeon’s parents have got to be in the running for the most supportive drama parents ever.  If my description sounded too dark, rest assured that Seo Yeon’s interactions with her friends and family lend the drama a good dose of sweetness and humour to balance the darker themes.

Sleepninja (moderator) recommends:

That Winter, The Wind Blows 

(South Korea, 2013)

That Winter, the Wind Blows is a drama that is great for keeping you occupied on cold winter days when you are stuck in the house. It has what I considered to be an addictive story and characters. If like me,  you enjoy stories with a lot of twists and drama, this almost makjang-y drama is for you. The storyline and the cast of characters were compelling.

That would be it for us. Comment with your own favourite winter dramas and thanks for reading!

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