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Park Jin Young is an all-round talent who has captivated audiences on stage and screen. He has also pursued acting, with appearances on television dating back to 2012.

Basic Info

Nicknames: Junior, Jirongie, Prince Jinyoung

Birthday: September 22, 1994

Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Model, Rapper

Member of: GOT7, JJ Project (2012 - 2017)

Birthplace: Jinhae-gu, South Korea

Height: 178 cm (5'10")

Agency: BH Entertainment

Instagram: @jinyoung_0922jy

Twitter: @JINYOUNG

Music Career

It was in 2012 that he made his official debut as a part of the duo JJ Project alongside Jay B. A year later, he joined the popular boyband GOT7 as the lead vocalist and visual. Jin Young and his bandmates terminated their contracts with JYP Entertainment in January 2021 to pursue their individual and group interests.

After signing a contract with BH Entertainment on January 28, he released a solo album titled "Chapter 0: With" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut. Before enlisting in the military, he performed a series of fan concerts called "Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Me," touring South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Drama Debut

In 2011, Jinyoung was cast as Jung Ui Bong, a Kirin High School student, in Dream High 2 after six months of acting classes. He, alongside Jinwoon, Kang So Ra, and Kim Ji Soo, released the song "We Are The B" for the drama's soundtrack. The drama was awarded Best Music at the DramaFever Awards in 2013.

Most Memorable Roles

Heo Joon Jae is the first role that comes to mind when people think of Jin Young. The instant the camera showed his face, people couldn't help but wonder who he was. Jin Young’s acting and particularly his eyes portraying a young Heo Joon Jae, who was so desperately attempting to find his mom, was effortlessly convincing.

This was Jin Young's debut on the big screen! His character is a young man named Min Sik who moves to a rural village in Gyeongsang Province from a metropolitan city. A Stray Goat focuses on Min Sik's relationship with a fellow student who is a victim of faculty bullying.

Jin Young portrays Lee Ahn, who lost his parents when he was young and has gained the power of psychometry where he can read a person or an object through physical contact. He uses his power in a good way and fights against evil people he sees.

Aad: I watched this almost a year after I watched The Devil Judge and I liked seeing his past roles and how he looked.
Jin Young plays the character of the younger version of Han Jae Hyun, who met his first love in college. His character struggles between reality and justice.

Jin Young has shared that he is very different from Han Jae Hyun when it comes to his love life. His character is straightforward while Jin Young prefers to have a natural encounter rather than a direct approach.

Jin Young's acting skills truly shined in The Devil Judge as he played the role of Kim Ga On, an orphaned deputy trial judge who was portrayed as "the one ray of hope in the midst of a dystopian world.”

Jin Young's character, Yoo Ba Bi, was introduced in the first season as a supporting character who works with Kim Go Eun's character, Kim Yu Mi. In the second season, Ba Bi was portrayed as a person who has an obsession with being kind to others and doing well for them, which could be misunderstood.

Jin Young has mentioned that Ba Bi represents his past self when he first moved to Seoul alone at 17 and did not have anyone else to rely on.
Jin Young portrays both of his characters amazingly in this movie. His character Il Woo goes to a juvenile detention center for revenge after his twin brother, Wol Joo, dies.

TV Shows

He has appeared on various variety shows such as Weekly Idol, Running Man, and Knowing Bros with his fellow group members.

Upcoming Works

Fun Facts

As a child, Jin Young dreamed of becoming a pre-school teacher.

His favorite drama of all time is IRIS. When he was a high school student, he purchased all the episodes and watched them secretly in class.

Besides Korean, he is fluent in Japanese and speaks proficient English.

He enjoys reading novels.

In an interview, he said he’s easily scared.

His ideal type of woman is one who believes in him and whose teeth show when smiling. He also likes when people are passionate about what they do.

Due to his parents' wishes, he changed his stage name from Jr./Junior to Jin Young, his legal name.

The focus of his make-up tips is always on the eyes.

His role models are 2PM and Shinhwa.

He enjoys using his film camera to take pictures.

He is prone to changing his hairstyles on a regular basis.

Although he has expressed his love for animals on numerous occasions, he does not own any pets.
He covers his mouth when he laughs and bends his ankles when he sits.

Jin Young is known as the "mother" of GOT7.

He feels relaxed when he rides a bike.

His favorite quote is "Only one is better than number one."


In 2019, Jin Young won the Favourite Korean Drama Male Character Award at the StarHub Night of Stars for his role in He Is Psychometric.

In 2020, he won the Potential Actor Award and Popularity Actor Award at the Asia Artist Awards.

In 2023, he won two awards at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Best New Actor Award at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.


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