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Alright yall...here's the summary of
YWY's proposal to Xinger you've been asking about...get ready because it's pretty hot and heavy lol...and if you want visuals @GrnGrnTmt found this youtube video that's pretty close to how YWY-Xinger's bed scene played out lol: 

This summary comes from Chapter 180 of the novel, titled "Wedding Night"...there are sweet/funny moments and convos before and after this scene too but to include all the details would be too lengthy so I'll save and tell yall later if you're interested..:)
I went back to read this chapter so I could be more accurate in detailing the dialogs for you because they're really good!! :)

Xinger-YWY and their people are on a boat heading back to ChangAn from Liang State (after they reunited since YWY's fake death they didn't get together right away, they met up a few times and then separated due to personal and political reasons, after Xinger agreed to follow YWY to Qing Hai she said she wanted to go visit Xiao Ce to say goodbye to him since she won't be seeing him anymore and it was during this visit that she got stuck there for months due to internal battles and tragedies that happened in Liang State...due to these troubles Xinger ended up bringing Xiao Ce's infant baby with her when she meets up with YWY...again lots of details here but I'll save for later)...

After dinner, Xinger found YWY sitting at the top of the boat, she came to sit next to him and they talked about her past life (in the book Xinger was an agent in modern times, so YWY asked her to tell him about her previous world)...then YWY said to Xinger...
YWY: Xinger, I don't care who you are...
Xinger (nods and smiles at YWY): I know, no matter what I'm still your Xinger.
YWY (surprised, stared down at her and lifted her chin up): Say it again.
Xinger: say what?
YWY: repeat what you just said earlier.
Xinger (took a deep breath and calmly said): I'm yours, but you also have to be mine. In my whole life time, I can sacrifice anything, except for 2 things, in whatever difficult situation I wouldn't let go of these 2 things: 1st is honor and life belief, 2nd is marriage and my body. If you want my whole body and being, then you have to give me yours as well.
YWY (raised his eye-brow and jokingly asked): everything??
Xinger (embarrassed and turned her head away): menace, not serious at all!!
YWY (opened his arms and pulled Xinger into his chest, his warm breath enclosed Xinger, whispered): Xinger, I'm very happy, truly happy!!
Xinger (leaned against YWY's chest, inside feeling a great sense of peace that she's never felt before, turned around and embraced YWY, whispered back): let's not separate again.
YWY: you're going with me to ChangAn, are you not afraid?
Xinger: compared with before, I'm more scared of being separated from you. Every time we separate, some tragedy always finds us, just like this last time, I thought I would never see you again.
YWY: from now on, you don't have to be afraid anymore.
They sat like that for a while...

After coming back to their rooms, YWY thought to himself that there are things that you should act fast and swift, waiting will result in losses, he must find an opportunity to make himself hers...giving each other everything belonging to the other...at midnight, he stood up from bed, walked around the room 2 rounds and decided: no need to look for an opportunity, tonight is the best time!!
YWY is someone who is meticulous, before he takes action he must plan out every detail...he changed into a crisp outfit and looked at the handsome face in the mirror, then sat down to drink a cup of tea while thinking about all the possible dialogs he could exchange with Xinger...ok done and ready to execute the plan...he got up and walked toward the door then suddenly the door swung open and in front of him was Xinger...YWY froze in his step for bit thinking to himself "what is this?! This is not a scenario I have imagined or planned for!!"
Xinger: it's the middle of the night, where are you going?
YWY (proud that all those years trained as a spy have taught him how to react quickly, he came up with a fast excuse): I slept too much during the day so now I can't sleep and want to go out for a midnight walk.
Xinger: it's windy outside, it's best to stay inside so you won't get sick. I noticed you didn't eat much during dinner, so I brought you some food.
YWY (stared down at the bowl of porridge Xinger brought): that's it??
Xinger: lucky enough to have food already, don't be picky.
Xinger then lightly patted his head like a little kid and said "finish this and then go rest up, don't wander around". After this Xinger turned around and walked out of the room.
YWY stunned and thought to himself "what is this?? All plans are mixed up...the bait came to my door and I let it walk away just like that?!"
YWY walked out of his room to follow Xinger to her room. When he got to her room he heard the sounds of a baby (Xiao Ce's baby) and the sounds of water splashing everywhere...he stopped at the doorway and watched Xinger attempting to give the baby a bath, her clothes were soaking wet...the baby got out of the tub and crawled toward the door...Xinger's eyes followed the baby and saw YWY standing there...it was like she was mesmerized by his beauty...when the baby got to the door, Xinger's maid came along and picked the baby up and brought him back to her room with her. YWY calmly walked into Xinger's room and closed the door. YWY went over to the bed to pick up a blanket and then came back and wrapped it around Xinger...Xinger's legs went numb, she's not sure if it's because she's been sitting down on the floor too long or because she's went weak at the sight of this beautiful man, but her legs have no feelings...
Xinger: what are you doing over here??
YWY: I miss somebody so I can't sleep. That somebody is actually very lovable, but a bit stupid. She tends to get lost all the time. If I don't keep an eye on her she will get lost again, gets hurt or even kidnapped. That's why even though I'm very close to that person, yet I still worry when I don't see her so I had to go look.
Xinger: there's no one that's stupid like that.
YWY: ohh yes there is, even more stupid than I just described.
Xinger felt embarrassed, held out a fist about to punch, but YWY grabbed a hold of her fist and held it in his hand. He moved his face close to hers where his lips were so close to hers she can feel his breathing...she closed her eyes...but after a while there was nothing happening, she slowly opened her eyes for a peek and saw YWY staring down at her with a smirk and asked "what...were you waiting for me to kiss you??"
Xinger yelled: YWY, you are too much!!
Furious that she got played Xinger pushed him away but right away he pulled her in for a surprise and deep kiss...
He kissed her one time, two times, three times.
YWY (opened his eyes and called her by her real name for the 1st time): Chu Qiao, be one with me?  (not sure how to translate this exactly, but it basically means "will you marry me?")
YWY (changed back to calling her by the name that is his to call): Xinger...
Xinger: yes?
YWY: I love you.
YWY: I've loved you for a long time. Do you know?
Xinger: Yes.
YWY: what about you?
Xinger: me too.
YWY: you too what?
Xinger (struggling to breathe): ...
YWY: speak...you too what?
Xinger: I love you too.
YWY: since when?
Xinger (thinking back about all their times together...all the way back to their days at Green Hills Court): not sure when...perhaps many times before...each time a little bit more...I can't remember them all...
YWY (chuckled and pulled her in for a hug): silly...actually I don't know when either...
YWY bent down to kiss her again, her forehead, her lips, her cheeks, her ear, her neck...he picked her up and carried her to the bed and took off her clothes...YWY kissed every inch of her body and they consummated...then she bled and he abruptly stopped (this is when he realized she was still a virgin)...he couldn't believe what he was witnessing...he stared down at her making her feel flustered and embarrassed again, then he let out a loud laugh, Xinger thought she has known him for a long time but she has never seen him smile or laugh out loud like this...he said "Xinger, I'm so happy, I'm so happy!!" Later YWY thought to himself "I've always considered myself as better than YX, that only I could bring her happiness, however after tonight I've realized that the other person is more noble than me...after 10 years together and he didn't do anything...I can't believe YWY is like this...but what can I do...when it comes to Xinger I become selfish and I always want more..."
Xinger thought to herself "so this must be my wedding night"...

thank you so much.
can you please do the section where xinger told him that she is pregnant? please please
Sure @Sey I'll create another thread like this so it doesn't get lost in the comments...:)
Yes! That would be great if you could summarize what Sey KompungCham asked. I would be forerver grateful if you could summ'up this kind of events from the book.
Thank you so much!!!! After reading your summary(book) i feel much better now. :)
The book depicts a very beautiful love story at the same time highlighting the heroin's strength and determination.  I am disappointed that the production company for PA failed to portray both key elements.  This director really needs to be sent to the After Life Camp!!  :D
I feel so numb....
ATM need to go out to buy tissue....so so sad right now cant sleep..how to move on....my 1st cdrama  bad ending
May I ask where you found this book? I want to buy it, although my Chinese is limited, I hope I can get through the last 1/3 of the book after that horrible ending...
Same here. I've been checking online where I can buy the book. No luck so far...
I read it online here: https://thuynguyetdai.com/hoang-phi-so-dac-cong-so...
This is the Vietnamese translation of the book, I don't know where the Chinese version is, perhaps someone else who's read the Chinese version will come along and share...:)
Thanks. Will check it out now.
I think I found it! http://www.xxsy.net/books/165098.html
Thank you for the translation. 
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