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Since I adore both of the Yu Wen Yue and Xiao Ce characters in the book, I wanted to create an entire thread to discuss about these 2 men...they both sincerely love and protect Chu Qiao (Xinger), but very different in character and personality.  There are some tidbits in the novel about these 2 characters that are super silly and funny, I will share them here for you fellow PA lovers to enjoy as well...also because I want to document those events from the book before they disappear from my memory...I don't recall the specific chapters these are from (the novel is really long...191 chapters plus multiple parts of Epilogue), they're just what I remember while reading the novel so if the order of events appear mixed up please understand for me...:)
YWY actually listened to Xiao Ce's advice after he reunited with Xinger since the lake death and left her alone to think things through, this was the reason he didn't push Xinger to follow him after meeting up with her again at the lantern festival.  Xiao Ce told him that Xinger had broken up a 10 years relationship with YX and then mourned YWY's death for 2 years, so she's gone through quite a bit of turmoil and needed time to sort out her feelings...
In return, although Xiao Ce loved and cared for Chu Qiao deeply, he admitted that YWY's love for her was greater than his so YWY deserves to be with her.  Xiao Ce was actually the one who discovered that YWY was still alive first, and he hinted to Xinger "there is someone who loves you unconditionally and who always silently protects you, when you figure out who it is, let me know and I will prepare your dowry for you and marry you off like a princess should."  :)

Yu Wen Yue:

Xiao Ce: he was the crown prince of Liang state who later became the emperor of Liang, but his ending was really sad and tragic.  He's just as flamboyant in the novel as he is portrayed in the drama.  His palace is always bustling with parties and women, but internally the one woman he loves wholeheartedly is Chu Qiao.  His character is actually quite complex, the image he displays to the outside is a facade, but it's almost his defense mechanism where he puts on a act but no one can see his heart and true feelings.  He even married for political reasons, due to his position, due to his responsibility to his country, but he shares his private thoughts, dreams, and plans with only Chu Qiao.  They have a really sweet relationship here, like besties, like soulmates.  Chu Qiao is also very comfortable around him and she allows herself to smile and laugh with him.
the translator here also said that Chu Qiao and Li Ce's friendship was awesome :') 
hope she will translate their friendship parts too
Hmmm, I wonder why did xinger bring his son with her when she returned to YWY??
@Sey because since she can't stay in Liang to care for both Xiao Ce's sons and the 2nd one is just an infant when both of his parents died (his mom was a conspirator in Xiao Ce's death) keeping the baby with her Xinger can care for him at the same time maintain Xiao Ce's bloodline should something happen to the 1st kid.
ohhhmy. that's just so sad!!!
all of these guys love Xinger, but cant give up the country for her. Yesssssssssss, my yuwen yue is the only guy. I'm just so happy. We should thank yuan xan for trying to kill yuwen yue. If not, Xinger would never come back to him at all.
Yes @Sey I mentioned that Xiao Ce's ending is very sad and tragic.  There are a lot of details here and likely deserving of an entire drama season and most likely what season 2 will cover.  Not sure if you want me to spoil it for you but one of the reasons Xinger took the baby with her was also because she made a promise to raise and care for the baby before Xiao Ce died.  :(
so was xiao ce's infant son was adopted by Chu Qiao??? so basically chu qiao had 3 biological children and 2 adopted children? that's quite a lot of children lol, i read somewhere Chu Qiao was made as prime minister of Liang???
She didn't officially adopt him but she raised him like her own.  She was on her way to become the empress (adopted mother of current emperor), but she left to go meet YWY.  When Xiao Ce was alive he made her a princess of Liang.  Her title was something like Xiu Lu Queen (named after her army).
please if you have the time. My only care for this drama is only on xingyue. as long as they have their happy ending, others don't matter that much. I mean if you have the time, you can spoil me all you want. I really appreciate you for doing this
doesn't the empress have to like marry the emperor??? adopted mother of xiao ce's first child? then isn't she forced to marry xiao ce to do that? how can she be princess of liang when she's not officially married or adopted by xiao ce? what happened to the Xiuli army? did they follow her when she married yuwen yue? i'm interested in finding out how people reacted to Chu Qiao and Yuewen Yue's marriage:

Yuwen family, i read that they disowned him but do they still keep in contact and how did they reacted?
How did Yan Xun reacted to the news? i really want to heard how miserable he was lolol he deserved it
How about Chu Qiao's sisters? I remember one married Yuan Song... did the sisters come live with Chu Qiao?

5 kids total??? and his uncle even wanted to offer his daughter to yuwen yue because he has few kids. lol . on all those pregnant times, Yuwen yue doesn't take any concubines. Love him even more. He is the king, she is the only queen. I dont know why Wei concubine popped up in my mind. when she took that poison wine for chuner, she was talking about lonely nights without the emperor. I can't imagine her pain of sharing a husband with so many other girls. yai yai
@cindia, if you didn't mention those people, i might have forgotten all about them already. yeah, what happened them? i'm curious too.
@cindia the parts when Chu Qiao was in Liang state is very lengthy and complicated with lots of twists and turns...but basically what transpired was that there was an imperial decree from Xiao Ce naming CQ as his imperial concubine and his general/advisor published this decree after his death so it was like a post-mortem marriage of some kind, which would make CQ adopted/stepmom to his 2 sons.  Since the mothers of both sons died and one of the son took over the throne as emperor after Xiao Ce's death that would make CQ the ruling empress because the young emperor was still a minor (according to their rule, CQ would rule until the emperor turns 20 years old if I remember correctly).  However, on coronation day CQ "pretended" that she was going to climb up the stairs to sit on the throne but half way through she stopped (fought a battle and left with Xiao Ce's infant baby) and met up with YWY.  Due to this turn of events, YWY was fooled and THOUGHT that she would marry Xiao Ce and that's why he was mad at her when they met up again.  Hope this clears things up a bit, but this part in the book was pretty long and there were alot of scandals and schemes.  :)
@cindia, to answer your other questions:
1) YuWen family was 2-faced, they disowned him after the lake death and didn't even give him a proper burial, but after 2 years when he made major accomplishments (he became king of QingHai and also became great general of Wei state commanding 4 armies) they all kissed up to him and put him up on the pedestal, he was their pride and joy. 
2) How did they react to their marriage?  They welcomed it of course, back to point 1 above, since he was their bread and butter at this point they were all over Xinger.
3) YX was super pissed of course, but what can he do?  YWY was pretty powerful at this point, he was the commander for all of the armies in Wei state so he held all the military power at this point, everyone including Wei emperor feared him.
4) One of Xinger's sister lived with her, the other one followed Yuan Song (this one sister hated and resented Xinger because both of the men she loved were in love with Xinger, she actually fell for YWY and cared for YWY before and then after YWY's lake death ended up with Yuan Song and then fell for Yuan Song).