Let's rate some of the characters of Boys Over Flowers.  On a scale where 10 is in totally in love and 1 is extreme loath.  

Rate - 

Geum Jan di 

Gu Jun Pyo 

Yun Ji Hoon 

Choo Ga eul

So Lee Jung 

Song Woo bin 

boys over flowers 10/10 ALWAYS 

jandi,junpyo and  ji noon absolutely -10. 

10 - Yun Ji Hoon  (Faithfull second lead until the end)

9 - So Lee Jung (Casanova with a pure and hurt heart)

 8 - Gu Jun Pyo  (Fiery lovable plushy main lead and with amnesia in the last episodes)

7 - Song Woo bin  (Big brother in the group)

5 - Choo Ga eul

5 -Geum Jan di

I only liked Kim Bum(So Yi-jung) , Kim So Eun (Chu Ga-eul),  Kim Hyun Joong( Yoon Ji-hoo.)      who I give a 10... 

Gu Jun-Pyo=  -2 (douche bag) 

Geum Jan Di =2 

she picked the jerk over the nice guy so I took off major points and I didn't like the leads 

Geum Jan di - 4 (idk it shoulda been lower bc she totally screwed up the role and reduced makino ti nothing more than a 2d cliché stereotype)

Gu Jun Pyo - lee Minho played it to perfection, but the writers totally screwed up so a 9/10 (matsujun is #1)

Yun Ji Hoon - I guess a solid 8.5

Choo Ga eul - best girl 10/10

So Lee Jung - I don't even remember him

Song Woo bin - new phone who dis?

Note: the above rankings do not in any way apply to their beloved Japanese counterparts.