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Original post/rules:

Remember what to do? Name a song, drama, or movie using one of the words from the title given above you. Also bold the word you use.

Example: "Now Or Never"

The next person has to use one of the words above in the title they give. 

Possible replies: "Live Free Or Die Trying"; "I Love You From Now On"; "I'll Never Let You Go"


Also only use titles in ENGLISH and refrain from using one worded titles [Ex: "Forever" , "Love Love Love"]

The last post was

The Good Wife

good days (song by keshi)

100 days my prince

My Love Eun Dong 

a love so beautiful

"Empire State Of Mind" - JAY-Z (feat. Alicia Keys)

Descendants of the Sun

"Warrior's Descendant" - H.O.T

The Warrior's Gate

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Japanese drama)

Journey to the West

"Be The Light" - Block.B

Lights on - ASTRO