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"Cheese in The Trap", What could the true meaning behind this title be.

On November 13 the first teaser of the new Mon&Tue. tvN drama ( script by Kim Nam Hee and Go Seon Hee/ Director Lee Yoon Jung) was released.

In the published images above we can see that Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun stood their with a yellow background on the back and above their head written Cheese in The Trap (in English Cheese in The Trap) : 덫 안에 놓인 치즈 (in Korean) which was also changed to "Sweet but deadly temptation liken".

Above Park Hae Jin's head a square-shaped cheese has appeared and Kim Go-Eun is transformed into cute mouse to induce curiosity. From that we understand that just like cheese in the trap it looks sweet and has a tempting reward (Yoo Jung) and the fact that this little mouse (Hong Seol) falls for that temptation (Yoo Jung) she falls for it knowing that it's dangerous. That was the liken behind it.

On the other hand, "Cheese in The Trap" may also mean behind the sweet smile a perfectly hidden danger by the well crafted guy (Yoo Jung) and how the college girl (Hong Seol) tries to see through his real identity/nature. This Romantic Thriller project will start podcasting on Jan. 4th 2016.

Translation done by me ^^

Hope you enjoyed it Cheese In The Trap fans.

Marooya thank you so much for posting this, I was contemplating on the meaning too of the title and it makes PERFECT sense that he is the desirable cheese and she is the mouse lured into the dangerous trap :D
The title is very unusual indeed, so that's an interesting concept, him being the cheese. From the first episode I thought of her as the cheese since he manipulated her into liking him. It reminded me of watching a rat going for a cheese in a trap, how he pokes and jabs at it before eating it. But I guess that was to obvious.:-)
Mia your idea isn't too far off either. Because the title could be understood both ways. Her being the cheese and him falling for her, which will collide his PERFECT world and make him fall into danger :)