Lovely Gif,  JulyMoon  !    The Last Immortal is already aired and our sweetheart has moved on, not doing as much tantalizing teasing for it as what she did for Hidden Love or LLTG and WRTW before.  

We are awaiting The Legend of Jewelry now... although it is probably too early to expect it before the summer.  Meanwhile, you can check if you want to join the Challenge advertised earlier, a few posts before, if you are not too busy.

I am sure the keluli in the Rose Pavilion will be happy to welcome you for virtual tea and canelés.  :D

The Last Immortal is already aired

Thank you for the welcome. <3 

Oh yes, I've seen a scene on Youtube for The Last Immortal and immediately retreated to not spoiler myself. xD I might not end up watching it within this year though, since I set a higher goal for the MDL Watch Challenge this year and participate in some other challenges. ^-^' 

I looked at the challenge, but I can't join it this year. I'm too busy with other challenges and stuff. 

I'm still behind from last years, still need to watch Hidden Love and Love Like The Galaxy. I'm a mood watcher so even if I make plans for watching, they get messed up. Recently I completed Who Rules the World which has been sitting in my PTW since 2022 and loved it.