Do you know any Chinese historical drama that's completely English subbed on YouTube ?

  • The legend of chusen
  • fighter of the destiny
  • a lifetime love
  • the king's woman
  • lost love in times
  • general and i
  • the eternal love

Scarlet Heart was at one point. Might still be there.

Sound of desert

Battle of Changsha

Untouchable lovers

Song of phoenix

I believe Princess WeiYoung is on there. Legend of Lu Zhen (but the quality isn’t great)

Look up Croton MegaHit - it’s a Chinese production company that has a ton of great stuff. A lot of their dramas are subbed on their page. 

YoYo television also has a lot of dramas that are subbed/being subbed.

And if not you can always watch on Viki as well. 

Thnx I'll check them out 

Yoyo television has Nirvana in fire 2 in very good quality and with subtitles! :)