I find voice over in Mainland dramas really distracting.  Personally, I prefer the actor‘s real voice as it conveys the feelings of their characters more clearly.  The accents of different dialects don’t really bother me.  Does anyone have recommendations for dramas where it’s the real actor’s/actress’s voice.  The only example I’ve seen is Ashes of Love.  

Bloody Romance
- Not all voices are the actual voice of the actors, but the main leads are using their actual voice.

Most of Hu Ge's series
- As I know, Hu He always dub his own character in a series (other than Chinese Paladin 1).

  • Dr Qin Medical Examiner S 1 
  • Love  me if You Dare 
  • When a Snail Falls in Love 
  • 15 Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds 

Wang Kai usually uses his real voice in his movies and dramas since he speaks Mandarin well and his voice is loved by directors 

Rush to the dead summer !
Also, I think that Zheng Shuang almost always uses her real voice too


Anybody here knows what drama is this?


Cinderella Chef 


Cinderella Chef 

It's Legend of Ace, when Qing Xuan wa trying to scape tho.

Ok..I knew I saw the episode but wasn't sure which show and when I tried to use Google locate it didn't work .

Zhang Binbin Eternal Love 

this would be a good idea for an article 

The Story of Ming Lan 

Ashes of Love, but only the ML and FL dubbed using their own voice

Love Through a Millennium (Everyone dubbed using their own voice as far as I know)