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Also JJ Lin! My All-Time favorite Chinese artist.
His voice sends shivers up my spine and made me involuntarily cry listening to one of his songs.
I recommend headphones for this next one(its also 360 so you can move the screen around):
My favorite would be Jason Zhang (Zhang Jie), as he is a really good/popular Chinese singer!! His lives are incredible, and his music is kind of rock style(???). He also sings a lot of the opening theme songs for Chinese dramas (he sang the opening themes for Noble Aspirations, Swords of Legends, My Sunshine, Eternal Love, Fighter of the Destiny, New Legend of the Condor Heroes, etc)
JJ Lin is my fav, Mayday is a popular C-rock band, but here's an obscure rock band called io :

Chemical Monkeys:

Some possibly obscure JJ Lin songs:

丁噹 -我愛他:

Jay Chou:告白氣球

朴樹 - 平凡之路

華晨宇 -異類

蕭敬騰 -王妃 (rock)

 JJ Lin- 背對背擁抱

华晨宇- 齐天大圣 (rock or at least rock vibes)

 汪峰- 存在  (rock)

OMG Sean Chou music channel ( the more subscribers one) is what i like to follow these days. But yeah Nickthereal, Jay Chou, Show Lo, etc. they great. Joker Xue, Dong Nan (东南) Don, etc.

Is there a thread for songs for drama cliches etc? This song 東南 DON【不談愛情 Let's Not Talk About Love】is THE friendzone-second lead song. Don's a swell guy lol.