This drama is so good and deserves all the recognition.  Please post links to edits/videos you like or think deserve more attention for this drama.

BiliBili link from #HIKIKOMORI

Not exactly a fan MV but I am wondering what they are saying here :


Another one here ?

【◉“我多想再见你 哪怕一面”// 吴磊 x 王星越-哔哩哔哩】

While watching I smiled and giggles and so on..... Nice drama ? He made a comeback as a solo....feeling happy 4 him ....and celebrating her birthday at China ? so sweet 

Things Are Heating Up Between Them

They Way They Are Crazy In Love

The Way They Don’t Want To Be Apart

They Way They Cried After She Left

The best 34-mins summary edit by MK916 ❤️