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True--Spandau Ballet
DBSK - Stand by U (it's the 2nd week, catnip-sshi is to blame!) T_T

SNSD - Tell me your wish/Genie
Beast - It's a beautiful Night

I keep playing it over and over, so of course it's stuck in my head ^^

you know me - tasty 2wins
Teen top - Crazy
"stop stop breaking my crotch~~" Ehm...I mean..Heart..

Because the dance matches the lyrics....
Desperate Measures by Mariana's Trench. they played here in a festival last weekend so the local radio stations are playing them like crazy, i wish they'd play one of their other singles, i love this song but it's been in my head all week cause they just keep playing it #__#
ayeaye2011 wrote: you know me - tasty 2wins

That songs stuck in my head too omg those boys are so sexy kjldsgdfgdbkl *_*
oh...Never Ending Story...the one Changmin sang at Immotal Song 2 keeps hunting me.....

Mirah - La Familia
Stuck in my head for like 2 months
It used to be Se7en - Better together, but I totally forgot that, and when I read the question for this thread, suddenly TOP's "Acting like nothing's wrong" got stuck.
That opening song from Hana Kimi... when it zooms in on all the students. I think it's called Ikenai Taiyou.

Ah... that song still gives me chills and great memories though... one of my favorite dramas.