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NahSuRin wrote: thank u. Still slow with the forum n all. just introduced. c ya arnd too!

no worries..i'm been here for a while now and i still have to find my way around..lol
TaecYeon & WooYoung [2PM] - My Valentine

Michel Telo? Wooow! It seems he is really a big hit. Here in Brazil we have started to get a little tired of this song, though. xD
This is the song och and little turtel by Nicholas To that I got stuck in my head almost all of the time xD Oh yeah we also got the opening song from Hi my sweetheart in there xD
Jeaniessi wrote: but I can't spell it apparently because ... it's supercalafrajulisticexpialidoscious. There! Now it's right! because it really matters.

But I think they are different. One you can't help..it's stuck there! The other one you want to keep listening to!

I think it's the same thing phrased differently. :p
LisNoir wrote: I think it's the same thing phrased differently. :p

I guess so but usually the songs that get "stuck" in my head....I want them OUT! Like ...last night when Little D was watching Aladdin and now "A whole new world!" is just freaking stuck in there and won't let go.
EXO-K, What is love... Such a good song so its ok. Just a little bit strange in class when I suddenly shout out with the music in my ears "I LOST MY MIND!" with my creepy sing along voice, and everybody stares at me....
Coldplay - paradise :D
Jeaniessi wrote: Is there? like if I have "supercalafrajulisciousexpialidoscious" stuck in my head...there is another thread where I can share that?

Yeah, it's already been made.
B.A.P-Warrior...I just cant throgh out it from my mind
OST from the stage play I'm acting in currently. It's very silly. Play : Ubu Roi (by Alfred Jarry) Song : "Chanson des Palotins". Lyrics : C'est nous les Palotins! C'est nous les Palotin ! On a des gueules de lapins! Mais ça n'empêche pas, qu'on est salement calé, Pour tuder les rentiers ! C'est nous les Pa-, c'est nous les -tins ! C'est nous les Palotins !
xD Juniko !! Mdr the lion king- akunamatata

I've even started imagining pretty little ballerinas dancing to it. O_o

*edit* whaa...there's already a thread like this! *goes to post there*
The Reason by SHINee